Jack Stice Memorial Community Service Award™

jackquiltWe need heroes. Sometimes heroes are hard to come by. SELF was blessed to be started by a man named Jack Stice. He is a hero. You may not have had the privilege to know him. He was a determined man who could make a decision and stick by his guns. He knew what it was to make difficult, costly decisions and stick by them.  He knew the value of discovering who you are and choosing to be yourself. He was a catalyst to those around him, inspired devotion, and lead others to reach for the seemingly impossible. SELF is one of his impossible dreams. 20 years ago it was unimaginable to have an event of 550 people in the southeast. He produced the first SELF and knew he would not live to see future events. He exacted promises from a savvy, loyal group who swore they would carry his vision forward.  

sticebanner2015In 1998, SELF Treasurer David Armstrong, another great man, proposed that SELF establish an annual community service award for the southeast region. The Executive Committee unanimously agreed to honor Jack Stice and his dedication towards community service in the southeast by presenting this annual award in his name. In 2000, on the fifth anniversary of the event, the SELF Executive Committee introduced the newly created Jack Stice Memorial Community Service Award™.


Criteria for Award

This award formally recognizes individuals, clubs and businesses in the Southeast Region that exemplify the service to the community and dedication to charitable concerns for which Jack was so rightly known. SELF gave this award for eight years. SELF continued to own the trademark but SELF honored a request that we cease to present the award at SELF indefinitely.  With an amount of joy I cannot begin to express, I am delighted to announce from this year forward, our 20th Anniversary, SELF will award The Jack Stice Memorial Service Award annually. This award was given at SELF from 2000 to 2008. SELF resumed offering this award at our 20th Anniversary celebration in 2015.


Awardee must be a southeast individual, club or business that exemplifies service to the community and dedication to charitable concerns.

Deadline for nomination is: April 24, 2018

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