Thank you for your interest in donating to the SouthEast LeatherFest auction. We appreciate your interest and generosity!

All auction donors not listed as anonymous will be listed on the paper auction form that is used during the silent auction.

For those donors of new items with original tags and packaging of higher value we are also offering these benefits:

$200 retail value donations are eligible to receive these benefits:
• A text listing on the auction donor web page and in the program book.

$400 retail value donations are eligible to receive these benefits.
• A clickable website banner (350x150) on the auction donor web page plus one other page.
• 3 social media posts.
• Business card sized ad in the program book provided it is received by 05/10/2022.

Above $400 retail value donations should contact our sponsorship department to have a sponsorship arranged. Please fill in this contact form

When submitting an item, please include the following:
1. Name you wish to be included on the auction sheet as the donator
2. Name for item(s)/basket
3. Estimated value of the item(s)/basket
4. Full description of item(s)/basket

Please keep in mind the criteria below when making donations.
1. No t-shirts are accepted.
2. Any clothing or footwear item that is submitted must be clearly labeled as to the size. New items are preferred. If you are submitting used items, they must be in excellent shape.
3. Books must be in new/good condition.
4. Any toys meant for intimate use must be new and in the original unopened packaging.
5. If you are assembling a basket, please make sure that the items that you are putting together have a theme and make sense.
6. If classes/event packages are being offered, please clearly state whether or not these items are transferable.
7. Items deemed not acceptable due to legal reasons, good taste or condition of item will not be returned.

All donations must be received by June 1, 2022. As soon as you fill out the form below, we will email you with an address for shipping your donation(s). Thank you for helping your communities!

Auction Donation Participation Form

Please fill out each line and submit the form. 

Are you willing to email the donation(s) to us?
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    Thank you so much for your support of SouthEast LeatherFest!