SELF is looking for Virgins! You should too!

We love people new to BDSM and leather or just new to SELF. We’re ready to welcome them and have them join in our fun! SELF welcomes new people each year and this year we want all you SELF veterans to reach out and bring a virgin, or two, or twenty with you.

To encourage Virgin welcoming we’re sweetening the deal:
Each virgin you bring who is registered for the full weekend of SELF will get you 1 entry into a drawing! More virgins = more chances to win! The winner will receive: 1 SELF basic package and two nights at the host hotel (a value of $500).

This is how it works:
1. All SELF Virgins must declare they are a virgin when picking up their badge at registration. Those virgins will be given a raffle ticket.
2. To claim your virgin, they must give you their raffle ticket.
3. Write your scene name, and email address on each ticket and deposit them in the contest jar at the registration table before it closes on Saturday night.
4. The drawing will be held at Sunday luncheon and, while you don’t have to be present to win, we encourage you to have lunch with us and enjoy the excitement!

For you Virgins coming to join us for the very first time, don’t worry, we will have something just for you too! (Prize!)
So, let’s get some new blood to SELF, lots of it! Spread the word and show the virgins why so many people come to SELF every year!

1. Only 1 SELF veteran can claim each virgin.
2. Virgins cannot be 12+ volunteers.
3. SELF Board and Staff are not eligible to participate in the drawing.
4. Virgins that were invited to present at SELF cannot be claimed.
5. Virgin Raffle only applies to full weekend participants.