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I'm currently calling the Baltimore/DC area home. I am a member of FIST. I relocated to Baltimore from the Denver area.  While in the Denver area I served as a long term facilitator of COLLAR. I was also fortunate enough to volunteer for Thunder in the Mountains dungeon build crew for many years.  The last few years I was there I lead the design and build of what at the time was the largest dungeon west of the Mississippi, if not the country.  I was a founding member of MAsT-Denver, and an active member of several different versions of the Labyrinth as well as the Sanctuary and other groups in the Rocky Mountain region.  I have been a proud piercer at The Colorado Danse of Life, a traditional hook pull. I also enjoy teaching leather life skills such as bootblacking, piercing, etc.

When asked how I identify I usually say something along these lines... dyke, butch, gender fluid, poly, Papa/Daddy/Sir, switch and let's not forget boy for someone special! Oh, and tree hugger and wanna-be vegan would be fair labels too. But I am the ever evolving kind so hopefully there will be a few more to add soon.

I proudly serve as the SELFs operations assistant. It's a busy job and I enjoy the variety of duties and opportunities that comes with it! If you see me out and about please introduce yourself, I would love to meet you.

Goldie_Locx ( she, her, girl etc)

Goldie Locx 2022I entered the BDSM and leather communities in 2015 when I attended my first SELF courtesy of a SELF general scholarship.

I was raised between Bronx, New York and Manchester, Jamaica, WI, then I moved to South Carolina as a single mother in the early 2000s.

As a first generation American, of Jewish and Jamaican descent, I was reared with values such as earning my keep, supporting family, and money management.

Education, mental health, and the arts are personally important to me in and out of the kink community.

I am a demisexual bunny with a bootblack heart, a proud member of House of Purgatory. Furthermore, I am the Treasurer of Pegasus and sister to Boy Andy and Mx Barbie.



LazarusXLazarus is a 40-something polyamorous d-type Daddy from Connecticut. His introduction to kink in practice began online in his late teens and through college. During this time he helped start the original Myrtle Beach Kink munch group on the old yahoogroups. After leaving Myrtle Beach in 2003 to return home to CT, he took a break from activity in the scene awhile while staying in touch with one of his dearest mentors, rejoining the public scene to savor his first large-scale kink event with SELF in 2010, where he was able to re-connect with many friends in the South and make many new ones as well. Since then, SELF has become his "kinky homecoming," and an event he can't miss. He began working in SELF's Vending department in 2013. He has presented at venues in Connecticut and Tennessee on the basics of traditional wet-shaving both as a personal luxury and a service item. Lazarus is also happy to visit South Plains Leather Fest each March. He enjoys other conventions as well, particularly DragonCon (as a Shift Lead for Safety) and Hal-Con (on the Guest Team). He's a former firefighter, a current business owner, and an aspiring writer and voiceover talent.

Funding Panel


traceytracey has returned to the board this year to run Registration and Accounting. Previously she has appeared on Real Sex as a prized pony. tracey trained for several years and is also a small guard dog puppy.

tracey was last on the 2007 board as the Sponsorship Chair. She found this lifestyle in the early eighties but really didn't embrace it and live it until 1998. She has officially been Lady Catherine's girl since 2005 and has shared a home with her since 2007.

Tracey finished school recently so she is once again able to serve within the community.



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Thank you to these committee members for their service to SELF and the SouthEast community 

Kae Trei
Kae Trei

Kae Trei is a collared consensual slave & property after spending time as a full-time live in male submissive for Mistress Choc. As a Leather boy, his bottom role is only with his Mistress or serving the community. He switches in activities as a versatile. He is Top training and will head the male lead branch of The House of Trei.

Alpha Kae is a producer of SUBMIT, an associate of Onyx Pearls Southeast and can be found bartending at Onyx bar nights the first weekend of the month. He is a Switch, Triggered by -CHOC- & Top Trained. Group Leader of Seasoned Atlanta Switches and Supporters (SASS).

Alpha Kae is a Daddy In Training (DITTY) to a bratty bottom (terrorTory). He is also a past group Leader & avid supporter of the Male Sub's Munch_Atlanta.

2014 - 2016

Christine--you may know her as "Calyco!"-- is a peppy little housewife with an M.Ed. and a flair for the colorful & sparkly. She recently moved back to Central Florida with her husband, Derek, and her Daddy, Treyson. She has been actively exploring the kinky side of life since late 2010 and is extremely grateful to the Southeast leather community for being so welcoming and supportive as she begins her journey in this amazing lifestyle.

Caly spends most of her spare time with her family of twisted nerds and menagerie of rodents & cat. She is a passionate LGBTQ activist, strict vegetarian (an odd thing to find in the "leather" community, she knows!), and advocate for eating disorder awareness & body positivity. Caly's the type of girl who will try (almost!) anything at least twice; she lives for new experiences & grand adventures.

 Pup Tank
2014 - 2015
 Born in Oklahoma City, Pup Tank, (28) now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Pup Tank became involved in the leather community years ago when on a training trip for his company that brought him in contact with the Atlanta Panthers. After falling in love with the charity work, community service and involvement that the Panthers so proudly stand for, he moved from Jacksonville, Florida and quickly grew in the local community. After becoming a full member and Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2013 in the same weekend, he began advocating for the trans community shortly thereafter, in addition to supporting the clubs in the Southeast, and the Atlanta Eagle. In October of 2013, Pup Tank also became the American Leatherboy. During his American Brotherhood title year, he is championing sexual health, primarily PrEP (Pre-exposure Prophylactic). Pup Tank’s favorite kinks and fetishes include sports gear, power exchange, uniforms, impact play, puppy play, water sports, bondage, breath control, and military play. Pup Tank would also like to thank the community of Southeast LeatherFest for considering him, and to extend his gratitude to the community members for sharing their spirit and strength with their clubs, brothers, sisters and beyond. Thank you!

Capricorn Witch
2015 - 2016witch finished artwork by atomhawk

 Capricorn Witch is a formally trained initiated pagan and in the leather lifestyle for over 20 years. A supporter and attendee of SELF for over 4 years, She considers the SELF clan her extended family and believes all who are seeking, living, loving and exploring this leather life should be welcomed, embraced  and facilitated in their journeys. She serves in the leather and mundane worlds as a mentor, educator, counselor and healer and seeks knowledge and justice in all things.