Volunteering at SELF 

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at SELF! Please read this entire page so you know what to expect. 

There are 5 levels you can choose from to volunteer.  Each has a different discount based on when you register. Volunteer registrations are not transferrable and day/evening passes are not eligible for volunteer discounts. Volunteers receive a Basic Weekend Package. If you want to attend the Keys of Synergy Luncheon and the closing Luncheon (Edge Play with Laura Antoniou) please choose the Upgrade to a Social Package add-on which is available when you check out and register.


 Register by this date to receive discount: 1/31/2018  3/31/2018  5/20/2018 
 4 hour commitment $82  $98  $105 
 8 hour commitment $55  $65  $70 
 10 hour commitment $28 $32  $35 
 12 hour commitment  $0  $0  $0
 Weekend Commitment  $0  $0  $0

Weekend Commitment Volunteers assume specific positions and limited slots are available. Only die-hard volunteers that intend to return yearly in this capacity need apply.  These positions will work more than 12 hours and will need to commit to multiple meetings leading up to the event and a post event meeting to discuss how to improve the experience for others in the future. If you are interested in one of these positions, please note this on your submission.

The following 6 Weekend Commitment Volunteer positions are open: Fun Helpers (2), Vending Assistants (2), Volunteer Morning Assistant (1), and Presenter Helper (1). 


  • SELF uses an internet scheduling program for volunteers. 
  • The date of your registration defines when you will be sent a link to select your shifts. Those who register first will be given the link to choose their shift first. 
  • Once you are registered you will be sent an email that will provide you with a copy of the weekend schedule and a link to sign up for your shifts. The shifts are first come, first serve so we recommend you sign up as soon as possible to secure the schedule you would like.
  • We will allow people to shift schedules until the weekend prior to the event when we will lock the schedule.


Failure to fulfill the hours you commit to will result in your credit card being charged.

You must be both street legal and dressed in appropriate clothes to be seen by the general public and children. 

We want you to have fun, but while working please refrain from engaging in play or scenes.

Drugs are never acceptable unless you have a prescription. If we determine they are being used against medical advice or you are unable to complete your shift, you will be asked to leave the shift or the event.

You will not be allowed to work your volunteer shift if you are inebriated.

Each shift has been created for a reason. Being late causes us to have gaps in coverage or to pull runners away from other job duties. If you will be late you must contact the Volunteer Coordinators. If you do not show for a shift and do not alert us, you will be charged, and you will not be allowed to Volunteer again.

Please remember while volunteering that others will see you as the face of SELF. If you behave inappropriately, you will be asked to leave the event.

If for any reason your coordinators or another board member decides you are not capable of representing SELF in the manner we see fit, you may be asked to leave the event.

There will be two conference call training sessions to provide informaton and answer questions prior to event.

Regular cancellation policies apply to volunteers.


Finally, we really appreciate our volunteers' willingness to help SELF be a memorable event and run smoothly. We could not produce SELF without the help and dedication of our volunteer staff. We hope you have an enjoyable time and that you come back for many years to enjoy and experience SELF!


For any questions, suggestions, and/or concerns regarding volunteering at SELF.

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    Thank you to the volunteers who support SELF!

    You hear how we couldn't do it without you-- BUT SELF really couldn't do it without you!  You're tremendous people who put so much good in the world!  We appreciate your time, effort and help! Thank you for everything you do.


    Calling All Bootblacks!!

    Boots We love our bootblacks! Grab a shift, find out what is doing and help us care for our boots and leather! If leather is your passion and care is your craft, fill out the form below and spend some time with the attendees at SouthEast LeatherFest!

    Don't miss our Bootblack Stands ribbon cutting Thursday night at 8pm in Azalea 4! 

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    SELF Job Openings

    •  Additions to Setup & Supply crew (Atlanta residents preferred)

    If you're interested in working with our team, please contact Catherine Gross.

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    Titleholder Sash Fund!!!

    WE HAVE SASHED: Ms SELF, SE Person of Leather, SE Master, SE slave, and SE Bootblack.  Help us raise funds to sash Mr. SELF & SELF boy!!



     What is SouthEast LeatherFest?

    SELF is an adult educational, fundraising and social convention that supports lifestyles of consenting adults. We are four days of exploration, invigoration, and conversation. We are a domestic non-profit.