Volunteering at SELF 

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at SELF! Please read this entire page so you know what to expect. 

Volunteer discounts are based on a Basic Weekend Package. However, volunteers are still eligible to purchase add-ons during registration. Please make sure any shifts you sign up to work do not conflict with any add-on you purchase.

Volunteer Pricing:

**This does not apply to yearly opening kickoff discounted pricing**
4 Volunteer Hours = 25% discount off the Basic Weekend Package price on the date of registration.
8 Volunteer Hours = 50% discount off the Basic Weekend Package price on the date of registration.
12 Volunteer Hours = 100% discount off the Basic Weekend Package price on the date of registration.

How Volunteering Works:

  1. Fill out an online application, making sure to note what position(s) you are interested in working.
  2. Receive a welcome email with a registration code.
  3. Use the code to return to the website and register.
  4. Once registration closes you will receive an email with a link to sign up for your shifts.
  5. Sign up for the hours you opted to work (4, 8, or 12) before scheduling closes.
  6. We will confirm you are scheduled for the right number of hours and send your final schedule via email.
  7. Attend one of the mandatory phone or skype orientations.
  8. Sign in and out for your shifts at the event.
  9. Have fun!

Weekend Commitment Volunteers assume specific positions and limited slots are available. Only die-hard volunteers that intend to return yearly in this capacity need apply.  These positions will work more than 12 hours and will need to commit to multiple meetings leading up to the event and a post event meeting to discuss how to improve the experience for others in the future. If you are interested in one of these positions, please note this on your submission.

Regular cancellation policies apply to volunteers.


We really appreciate our volunteers' willingness to help SELF be a memorable event and run smoothly. We could not produce SELF without the help and dedication of our volunteer staff. We hope you have an enjoyable time and that you come back for many years to enjoy and experience SELF!

Volunteer Positions Available:

Curtain Monitors- These Volunteers will be placed at curtain checkpoints to check badges.

Runners- These Volunteers will sit at the Volunteer table and be used as needed to give breaks, run
errands, and assist with anything needed by the Volunteer coordinator.

Specialty Teams:

Medical- This Volunteer team will assist with evaluation and assistance with medical issues.
At a minimum these Volunteers must have a current CPR and First Aid certification. Please upload
credentials along with your submission.

Security- This Volunteer team will monitor the event to assist the Volunteer Coordinator with
maintaining a space consistent with SELF policies and regulations.

Drivers- This Volunteer team is responsible for transporting specified individuals to and from the
airport. These Volunteers must have availability to do pickups and drop-offs before, after, and
possibly during the event.

Load In/Out- This Volunteer team will work Wed/Thurs and Sunday. They go to the storage unit and
load supplies, unload them at the hotel, and deliver them to rooms and people at the event.
This is a team that requires the ability to repetitively lift, push, and pull items.


Fill out this form to apply to volunteer at SELF. 

Volunteer Expectations

  • SELF Volunteers must be at least 21 years of age.
  • All Volunteers are expected to abide by SELF’s consent policy.
  • It is essential to the running of the event that all positions are staffed. You must work the hours you signed up to work. Failure to work the assigned hours may result in your not being allowed to Volunteer for SELF again, and you could be billed.
  • Volunteers are expected to arrive at the Volunteer table and sign in 5 minutes prior to their shift. They will be given any items necessary to perform their assigned duties and then they should report to their assigned position.
  • At the end of each shift, Volunteers should return to the Volunteer table to sign out in order to be given credit for the time they worked.
  • While Volunteering, you are a part of the staff of SELF. The expectation is that you will work hard, enjoy yourself, and watch for anything that could result in issues for SELF. Report any suspicious activity to any SELF Board member, security, or anyone with a radio. Your first point of contact is Cynthia.
  • Drugs are never acceptable unless there is a prescription. If they are determined to be used against medical advice you will be asked to leave the event.
  • SELF Volunteers should use common sense when consuming alcohol. You will not be allowed to work your shift if you are inebriated.
  • All SELF Volunteers should be dressed appropriately and according to SELF’s dress code. Attire should be PG rated. Comfortable clothing is recommended.
  • Volunteers should be aware that the general public has not consented to engage or overhear lifestyle conversations. Make sure your conversations are appropriate to be overheard.
  • Volunteers are not permitted to engage in any play activity while working.
  • SELF Volunteers should attempt to be warm and friendly to attendees. We want to create an environment where everyone can enjoy their time at SELF.
  • Have Fun!!
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