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Mita, Tonya, and the facilitation team will facilitate a ritualistic hook pull at SouthEast LeatherFest.  This will be a private, ticketed only event. This is available as an add-on for weekend package holders and day pass holders only. ALL attendees will need to purchase a ticket and not just those planning to be pierced.  

Connect to those around you and yourself. For many, ritualized hook pulls expand their emotional and spiritual selves. Some people feel a rush of energy, others feel in touch with themselves. Energy Pulls have been occurring for over 3000 years-- for some it is to engage their warrior selves, invite a state of grace, or let go of the ego and experience euphoria.

Experience the complex interaction of Body:Mind:Spirit and set yourself free. 



Please get your tickets early as space is limited and none will be sold on site. 
The Hook Pull is Friday, June 17, 2022 from 11am to 4pm.

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Mind:Body:Spirit Hook Pull- Pre-purchase $85 (will not be sold on site)
This includes all aspects of Hook Pull. Open to weekend package or full day pass holders only. This is not a for profit event.

About This Event
This event follows the premises of PRICK, Personal Responsibility, Informed, Consensual Kink. This means that YOU are taking personal responsibility for your actions, are gathering information about the inherent risk involved in participating in a hook pull, and consenting t o engage in t hat risk with others. Informed consent is the responsibility of all parties and failure to ask or disclose information, means that consent may not be fully informed. If you have never participated in a hook pull, suspension or other similar piercing or body stress ritual it is highly recommended that you attend an educational event prior to doing so.

We cannot cover all of the risks involved in engaging in a hook pull and highly suggest you do your own research but these are the most commonly known risks:
● Risk of blood borne pathogen exposure and infection
○ Piercers will follow universal precautions
○ Piercers will wear gloves
○ Guides have agreed to the risk involved of choosing whether or not to wear nitrile gloves while facilitating
○ All equipment has been sterilized but the environment is not a sterile environment.
○ Attendees being pierced will have open wounds during the event and are advised not to touch themselves or anyone else but this cannot be guaranteed, there IS risk of exposure
○ Open wounds in a dungeon or outdoor space increases the risk of infection and transmission of blood borne pathogens
○ Upon removal of t he hooks t he area will be cleaned and covered
○ You may experience swelling, tenderness and/or bruising at t he piercing site, if you experience additional symptoms, seek support of a medical professional
○ First aid is available on site, See rules for when you MUST seek first aid
○ tl’dr assume every single person in the room has an infectious disease and manage your behavior accordingly

● Risk of metabolic changes

○ Some individuals may experience changes in blood pressure, blood sugar levels, etc. Please let your piercer know if you have any metabolic conditions that are impacted by stress

○ Please communicate t o your piercer if you are taking any medications that would impact bleeding: https://med.stanford.edu/content/dam/sm/ohns/documents/Sinus%20Center/Stanford_Medication_ and_Herbs.pdf

● Risk of injury

○ Here is a risk of tearing and scarring of skin and further injury when engaging in this event

● Risk of altered mental state ○ Please consider reviewing this scientific research related to altered states at ritual events https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4866757/

○ Being in an altered state may impact your ability to provide consent during the pull itself. If you are working with a facilitator, guide, or other person during t he pull, your physical and emotional boundaries may be pushed as this is a part of the hook pull experience.

To revoke your consent at any time, please use one of the 2 options below:

■ Red i s a universal safeword that should be used if needed.
■ If someone i s pulling on your hooks and you want it to stop or have less intensity and you cannot use your words, take one to two steps forward/towards the person to release the tension from the pull.
○ You may experience emotional or physical pain or discomfort and require additional support during or following the event.
○ The event will follow the safety and liability policies of SELF that are in place on the day of the event to the best of the ability for this type of event
■ This event cannot uphold social distancing in the ritual space
■ Masks are optional
● This is not an inclusive list as you may have specific conditions or experiences that we cannot account for Rules The following rules apply during the event:
● Attendees agree to sign a waiver onsite that will ask you to verify that you do not: have diabetes, epilepsy, hemophilia, a heart condition or take blood thinning medication, a medical or skin condition t hat may interfere with the procedure or healing of the piercing, a recipient of an organ or bone marrow transplant, pregnant or nursing.
● You will need t o bring a Government I D and sign the waiver using your legal name. These documents will be checked as part of your check in process.
● There will be no refunds for any reason.
● There will be no ticket sales the day of the event.
● Doors open at 11am and will be closed to any additional entries one the event begins. No exceptions.
● There is no use of drugs or alcohol on the premises and you are expected to be free of drugs and alcohol when entering t he event. If you are under the influence, you will not be admitted to the event.
● No solicitation
● To the best of your ability, please honor the provided pronouns of all attendees and facilitators. If you are unsure of the correct pronouns, please ask or avoid using pronouns. Pronouns may also be written on admission bracelets
● No cell phones, cameras or recording devices of any sort are allowed in the ritual space. Cell phones may be used in non ritual space only.
○ You may not take pictures of anyone without t heir consent in non-ritual space.
○ You may not post pictures of anyone without the consent of everyone i n the photo, no matter how much or little of a person is showing.
● No touching people or personal property without permission.
● No playing in, touching, consuming bodily fluids during this event. This applies to your own fluids as well as the fluids of others.
● There is no food or drink other than water in the ritual space. This is to prevent the unintended exchange of blood and bodily f uids. There will be a designated area for snacks.
● Speech in the ritual space should be ritual related, communication not related to ritual should be conducted in a quiet voice that is not disruptive to the ritual.
● Don’t touch or pull on another person’s hooks without consent.
● You may take your hooks home with you if you choose as long as you bring a hard sided container with you. An Altoids box is an optimal size for the hooks, but any similar container will be acceptable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to bring? The most important thing to bring is an open mind to new experiences. You may also bring a water bottle and a blanket to sit on if you wish. A small bag for your belongings is recommended; there will be a bag table for you to leave your things, including your technology, just inside of the ritual space. If you have i ems to place on the altar, bring them! See below for more info on the altar.

What to Wear? Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. If you’re being pierced, there may be a bit of blood. Nudity is allowed for everyone. Factor in your possible piercings when choosing clothes. For example, i f you chose to leave on a sports bra or similar, please ensure the straps allow access to your chest i f you are planning to be pierced i n that area.
Do I have to be pierced? No one in attendance is required to be pierced. It is perfectly fine to simply hold space, witness, and connect with other participants. Just be respectful and mindful of others.

Energetic Cleansing This practice of energetic cleansing has been utilized by many cultures throughout history. A variety of herbs and resins can be used, but the most common is sage. The herbs are ignited and then extinguished, and the embers give off smoke that is directed at the body to energetically cleanse the soul and aura. The smoke itself has antimicrobial properties and helps to cleanse the skin to an extent as well. Smudging will be offered outside the venue when the doors are open for participants at 11:00 AM on Sunday.

Altar There will be an altar space set up inside the ritual space. This altar is non-denominational and is a space for you to place photos, notes, or small items that you would like to take i n the energy present during our Ritual. Examples: Perhaps there is a statement of intent that you wish to ascribe to the hook pull. Write i t down, fold it up, and place it on the altar. Is there some burden you’re looking to release? Write it down on paper or something, put it on the altar during the evening, and afterward take it home to be consumed by fire. A large variety of items have been placed on our altars over the years, including crystal cocks, photos of loved ones, locks of hair, and many many poems.
The altar will be initially set up by the facilitation team, but it is an altar for your use. Use it as you choose, but please respect items placed by others and do not touch anything that is not yours.

What should you expect? The hook pull i s generally a spiritually-based ritual, but it is open to your own interpretation and expression of spirituality. All are welcome. Some may have a specific intent for the ritual, others may simply be seeking an experience. The hook pull does have potential to be a very powerful, cathartic, and emotional experience. For the ritual/hook pull on Sunday, it is essential that everyone, including those who will “only” witness arrive timely and be fully present. Even if you’re a witness and not being pierced, you fill an important role, and your energy is invited to combine with everyone else’s to create a genuine shared experience. Additionally, I should note that flesh hooks are not the only piercing available. You have options, and they may be combined however you choose! Please see the options below. There will also be extra hand drums available for anyone to use!

Piercing options available at Mind-Body-Spirit:
● Hooks: Two; typical placement is in the chest to open the heart chakra and allow for energy flow while pulling with other participants. Alternate placements are available pending discussion with your piercer.
● Third eye-piercing: A needle is placed vertically in the flesh between the eyes and capped with a small cork; opening the third eye chakra to allow altered/energetic vision.
● Throat piercing. Opens the throat chakra to give voice to the energy. This may be executed with a needle or hook, but the hook allows for pulling.
● Ball/bell dance: Weights, bells, or other items sutured onto the skin with monofilament to provide additional sensation when dancing to the drums and music with other participants. Note that you will need to provide the weights; these may be lemons/limes, fishing weights (min 1oz), bells, etc. In the case of fruits, please pre-rig these with paracord (pierce the fruit, run cord through, tie a knot) to create a hanging loop that we can tie to.
Please note: We are unable to accommodate the use of any hooks or needles you may bring for use due to safety concerts.

● Aftercare is minimal, but remember that piercings are considered an open wound. Take care to keep them clean. As this can be an intense experience, be gentle with yourself afterwards.
● We encourage participants to book a room at the hotel for Sunday. You may be in an altered state for several hours after the event and it may not be safe for you to drive or travel.
● We invite you to get in touch with us prior to the pull with any questions or concerns! We look forward to connecting with you. Both Mita and Tonya will be at SELF all weekend.


Thank you to Ritual Steel for your sponsorshop of this event!  Please check out the coming events of Ritual Steel!