Mita and his team of piercers wMindBodySpirit webill be facilitating a ritualistic hook pull at SouthEast LeatherFest.  This will be a private, ticketed only event. This is available as an add-on for weekend package holders.  

Please get your tickets early as space is limited and none will be sold on site. Please visit the Buy Stuff Here  page.

When is this happening?

TBA but we believe this will be held on Friday.


What should I bring?

Bring yourself and an open mind to new experiences.  A small bag for your belongings is recommended; there will be a bag table for you to leave your things just inside of the ritual space. If you have items to place on the altar, bring them! (See below for more info on the altar)

What do I wear?

Loose, comfortable clothing.Factor in your possible piercings when choosing clothes.

What is expected of you?

No one in attendance is required to be pierced. It is perfectly fine to simply hold space, witness, and connect with other participants. Be respectful and mindful of others and their experience.

What other things will exist?


Many cultures throughout history have utilized this practice of energetic cleansing. A variety of herbs and resins can be used, but the most common is sage. The sage is ignited and then extinguished, and the embers give off smoke that is directed at the body to cleanse the soul and aura energetically. The smoke itself has antimicrobial properties and helps to cleanse the skin to an extent as well.

Cleansing will be offered outside the venue.


There will be an altar space set up inside the ritual space. This altar is non-denominational and is a space for you to place photos, notes, or small items that you would like to take in the energy present during our Ritual.

Examples: Perhaps there is a statement of intent that you wish to ascribe to the hook pull. Write it down, fold it up, and place it on the altar. Is there some burden you’re looking to release? Write it down on paper or something, put it on the altar during the evening, and afterward take it home to be consumed by fire. A large variety of items have been placed on our altars over the years, including crystal cocks, photos of loved ones, locks of hair, and many many poems.

The altar will be initially set up by ServiceKitty, but it is YOUR altar. Use it as you choose, but please respect items placed by others and do not touch anything that is not yours.

What should you expect?

The hook pull is generally a spiritually-based ritual, but it is open to your own interpretation and expression of spirituality. All are welcome. Some may have a specific intent for the ritual, others may simply be seeking an experience. The hook pull does have potential to be a very powerful, cathartic, and emotional experience.   

For the ritual/hook pull on Friday, it is essential that everyone, including those who will “only” witness be present. Even if you’re a witness and not being pierced, you fill an important role, and your energy is invited to combine with everyone else’s to create a genuine shared experience. Additionally, I should note that flesh hooks are not the only piercing available. You have options, and they may be combined however you choose!  (There will possibly be extra hand drums available for anyone to use! ) 

Piercing options available at Mind-Body-Spirit:

For more informaiton, please contact SELF.


Aftercare is minimal, but remember that piercings are considered an open wound. Take care to keep them clean. As this can be an intense experience, be gentle with yourself afterwards.