Wanna Bootblack at SELF? 

Ready to experience Chocolate Cake in the fine tradition of Bootblacks all over the country? Join our outgoing SE Bootblack during SELF. Would you like to be mentored in the stands?  Would you like to mentor others in the stands and pass on your skills?  Would you like to participate in a share session and share your skills with more than one?  Interested in bootblack labs? Interested in hanging out and laughing? Interested in being the next generation of bootblacks who take care of everyone's leathers and more?  We're looking for you.

We will have opportunties for you to bootblack or be mentored in the stands or at a bootblack lab table.  Come have the experiences of a lifetime!

Please fill out the form and let SELF know that you're willing.  There are limited spots and we're asking bootblacks to give and we're giving back also. Most years the generous bootblacks of SELF have raised funds for the incoming titleholders.  We want to acknowledge this invaluable service.  Thank you for making sure they could travel, educate others, and represent the southeast to the best of their ability. 

SELF has heard you and we are integrating our bootblacks into our volunteer system.  We are asking that you:

  • Are willing to mentor and/or participate in the round-tarp bootblack lab for 2 hours;
  • Work 6 hours in the stands (you can have more if you like); AND
  • Donate half your tips to the titleholder travel fund of the incoming titleholders.

SELF will provide bookblacks who meet the above criteria with a discounted package of $70.00.  

Become part of our long standing team. We're so proud to have you as a part of SELF. Bootblacks will now get registered through our volunteer system.  

Bootblack at SELF!

We love our bootblacks at SELF and we are very excited to have you at our stands. The stands will be open throughout the weekend so you're sure to find time to love on ALL the leather you can handle!

Stand Times: 
Thursday: 5pm - 10pm
Friday: 10am - 6pm & 9pm - 12am
Saturday: 10am - 6pm & 10pm - 12am

If you are interested in being a Bootblack at SELF, please fill out the form below and our Volunteer Coordinator, will be in touch with schedules and all the information.

If you would like to complete 8 hours in the bootblack stands and another 4 as a regular volunteer you will get free registration. Please make sure that you note that as your choice as you fill out the information below so we can get you the proper registration code.