cg2011aI am an educator and Master Certified Life Coach, a Certified Mentor Coach (CMC), and a Board Certified Coach (BCC). I teach classes that focus on relationships, play-oriented SM skills, Dominance and Submission, improving your sex life, gender, house management, personal foundations, leadership, activism and theory.

I have been active in various communities for decades. I have served on local and national boards, judged contests, staffed conferences, emceed and produced fund-raisers for various charities/organizations.

I love my volunteer work for SELF. It feeds me by the happiness created on the smiling faces who attend. I am a proud Board member of the Leather Archives and Museum. I have held memberships in FIST, MOB, LSM, NLA-I, BbD, Low Country Leather and a few other groups.

I am a founder of the Women's Leather History Project/Program. A charter board member and organizer of FireBalls MC. I am also a founder of LoL in NYC (women's educational/play weekend in NYC from 1994-1998 for 350+ women). A charter board member and founder of True Spirit Conference.

I have presented classes at conferences and clubs internationally. I have taught classes steadily and teach approximately 140+ hours a year. Between educating and coaching, I have five figures of hours teaching in my lifetime and will continue to be devoted to learning.

I am the recipient of Black Rose's Vaughn Keith National Educator Award presented November 2002, Pantheon of Leather Southeast Regional Award 2006, and Pantheon Business of the Year 2006.

Visit my coaching site for more information or Connect with me on FETLIFE or follow me on Twitter! @BDSMClasses or @SuccessCoachMCC (vanilla coaching twitter acct).
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JackI'm currently calling the Baltimore/DC area home. I am a member of FIST. I relocated to Baltimore from the Denver area.  While in the Denver area I served as a long term facilitator of COLLAR. I was also fortunate enough to volunteer for Thunder in the Mountains dungeon build crew for many years.  The last few years I was there I lead the design and build of what at the time was the largest dungeon west of the Mississippi, if not the country.  I was a founding member of MAsT-Denver, and an active member of several different versions of the Labyrinth as well as the Sanctuary and other groups in the Rocky Mountain region.  I have been a proud piercer at The Colorado Danse of Life, a traditional hook pull. I also enjoy teaching leather life skills such as bootblacking, piercing, etc.

When asked how I identify I usually say something along these lines... dyke, butch, gender fluid, poly, Papa/Daddy/Sir, switch and let's not forget boy for someone special! Oh, and tree hugger and wanna-be vegan would be fair labels too. But I am the ever evolving kind so hopefully there will be a few more to add soon.

I proudly serve as the SELFs operations assistant. It's a busy job and I enjoy the variety of duties and opportunities that comes with it! If you see me out and about please introduce yourself, I would love to meet you.
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Lazarus is a 30-something poly d-type Daddy from Connecticut. His introduction to kink in practice began online in his late teens and through college. During this time he helped start the original Myrtle Beach Kink munch group on the old yahoogroups. After leaving Myrtle Beach in 2003 to return home to CT, he took a break from activity in the scene awhile while staying in touch with one of his dearest mentors, rejoining the public scene to savor his first large-scale kink event with SELF in 2010, where he was able to re-connect with many friends in the South and make many new ones as well. Since then, SELF has become his "kinky homecoming," and an event he can't miss. He began working in SELF's Vending department in 2013. He has presented at venues in Connecticut and Tennessee on the basics of traditional wet-shaving both as a personal luxury and a service item. Lazarus is also happy to visit South Plains Leather Fest each March. He enjoys other conventions as well, particularly DragonCon (as a Shift Lead for Security) and Hal-Con (on the Guest Team). He's a former firefighter, a current small business owner, and an aspiring writer and voiceover talent.  Contact LazarusX

cynthia volunteerCynthia is a service oriented, primal, polyamorous, lesbian, slave who was honored to join the SELF family as the Volunteer Coordinator in 2013.

When she isn't at SELF she splits her time between SC and GA pursing her various interests. She is a leader for several groups including Atlanta Kinksters with Kids (AKK), Georgia Hands On Support Team (GHOST), Primitive Reactions Instincts Motivations and Experiences (PRIME), Kinky Greenville Booklovers (KGB), Piedmont Area Kink (PAK), and the Greenville s-type group.

She has presented or assisted at Domcon, Frolicon, Upstate TNG, and The Warehouse on service, consent, D/s, and primal topics. Along with her owner, Lady Victoria, she can also be found running the SELF dungeon, or lube wrestling at several events in the area.
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Hypnotiq is a proud leather woman a full member of Appalachian Women of Leather (aka: AWOL) currently serving as Secretary. She is collared to Optimus in Leather and legally via marriage. She is both Babygirl & slave. Hypnotiq enjoys playing with multiple toys and multiple boys and girls, living within a poly family. She also proudly serves House Jupiter.

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Sir brianSir Brian is back! I am so excited to be the Workshop Chair, again, for my family, SELF. I live in Massachusetts where I am active in the local leather, kink, and Master/slave communities. Since October 2013, I have owned slave david stein. As a service slave, he has provided me with incredible service over this year and has taught me a lot about Mastery. My vision for this year is to continue growing my leather family. When you see me around SELF, stop me and say, "Hi." 

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ladyvictoriaLady Victoria is pleased and honored to be joining the SELF Board. Victoria attended her first SELF in 2007 shortly after beginning her lifestyle and leather journey. She has always felt like SELF was her kinky home and is excited to be able to contribute to such and awesome event. She is from Greenville, SC where she owned a public dungeon, The Warehouse, for three years and taught classes on various subjects there. She is currently a member of Piedmont Area Kink, MAST Greenville and is Vice President of the Greenville Renegaydes her local Levi and Leather club. She identifies as a bi-sexual, poly, dominant female. She loves meeting new people so if you see her out and about introduce yourself anytime! You can reach her on Fetlife as LadyVictoria001.

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harleyBoy harley has been lighting, building, loading in and out, and fixing sets, lights, special effects, and sound for theatre, corporate events, film and video, high school productions and even religious broadcasting. He has handled the staging for SELF since 1997, as well as managed the staging for SE Olympus a few times, and various other leather events.

Boy harley was trained in Old Guard at the Sanctuary of a Dark Angel in 1997 and took part in helping the Sanctuary run. Primarily a submissive bottom, boy harley has been known to switch on occasion. His interests are: bondage, leather, exhibitionism, mindplay, electricity, watersports, wax, and shaving (not necessarily in that order). He has only one piercing (left earlobe), but could see getting one or both nipples pierced, if done in the context of a scene.

traceytracey is on staff for weekend Registration and Accounting. Previously she has appeared on Real Sex as a prized pony. tracey trained for several years and is also a small guard dog puppy.

tracey was last on the 2007 board as the Sponsorship Chair. She has been on the current SELF board as weekend registration and accountant since 2014.

She found this lifestyle in the early eighties but really didn't embrace it and live it until 1998.  She was a board member of MAsT-LI and hosted MAsT-LI for three years (2009-2012). She has served Lady Catherine for 13 years.    Contact tracey

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