Brieana: Graphics and Program Book Designerbrieana

Brieana, slave and wife to her Master, Morgan. They have been living in a 24/7 relationship with him since 2011. Morgan & Brieana were married on February 4, 2017, surrounded by their leather and bio family. She identifies as a leather woman and has been in the lifestyle since 2003. Originally from Maryland she attended Crucible and Black Rose as her first lifestyle events as a guest of a friend that helped her learn about the lifestyle in a safe manner.

In 2007 she and her sons moved to the Charlotte area. Brieana became a contributor of CAPEX in 2008, later serving on CAPEX's board of directors for 2 years, holding 4 different seats on the board during that time. Currently serving as CAPEX's IT Team Lead, and has been maintaining their website as well as designing all their print media. In addition, she has been the recipient of Volunteer of the Month several times and Volunteer of the Year at CAPEX.

Brieana is a talented Graphic Designer with more than 20 years experience under her belt. She has her own Graphic Design business that is currently a part-time venture, and designs for both the vanilla and kink communities. She also works full time at a local design and printing company, designing banners, catalogs, brochures, vehicle wraps and so much more.

She has been walking her leather path since 2010. She happily gives back to the BDSM and Leather community and has volunteered at a local animal rescue organization. Brieana received her earned leather boots in 2012 and her leather vest in 2017. Brieana has been a Staff member with SELF since 2012, designing the SELF Program Book, SELF Ads, Title Holder Patches, Pins, Title Holder Medallions. etc. She believes in volunteerism and giving back to the community.

Christine: Pubicity Team christine

Christine--you may know her as "Calyco!"-- is a peppy little housewife with an M.Ed. and a flair for the colorful & sparkly. She recently moved back to Central Florida with her husband, Derek, and her Daddy, Treyson. She has been actively exploring the kinky side of life since late 2010 and is extremely grateful to the Southeast leather community for being so welcoming and supportive as she begins her journey in this amazing lifestyle.

Caly spends most of her spare time with her family of twisted nerds and menagerie of rodents & cat. She is a passionate LGBTQ activist, strict vegetarian (an odd thing to find in the "leather" community, she knows!), and advocate for eating disorder awareness & body positivity. Caly's the type of girl who will try (almost!) anything at least twice; she lives for new experiences & grand adventures.


Heather S.: Lead Staff Photographer
Heather is a 36-year-old versatile queer leathergirl.  She's been involved with various Leather communities for about 13 years, 10 1/2 of 


which have been spent in the Atlanta area.  Her pursuit of photography is more recent, but no less integral to how she interacts with the world. Her photographs are expressions of how she sees, and fetish photography is a favorite.  She prefers to photograph people in situations involving their own sexuality and fetishes, rather than setting up "hot scenes" for shots - she loves seeing the person inside the fetish, and the fetish inside the person.

Heather lives in the suburbs of Atlanta with her owner and their three cats, who also make the list of her favorite photography subjects.  She served on the Board of Directors of Whippersnappers, an Atlanta-based TNG group, until 2009. She has presented for Whippersnappers, Frolicon '08-'10, and SELF, and has exhibited her work at Spring in the South 2008, SELF '08-'10, and Frolicon 2010. Find her on FETLIFE !

JD: Floor ManagerJD Southern Studfish
JD is a gender-queer butch and a SELF titleholder (Ms SELF 2003). When not posing next to the Southern Studfish display at the Georgia Aquarium, JD can be found hanging out among the whips in the vending area. Say hi. Have a look at JD's title year column for more information and some awesome pictures!

Happy Puppy: Harley's Crew

Back in the day, when HappyPuppy heard about SouthEast Leather Fest, curiosity got the better of him, so he attended and found his home. His involvement with SELF has ranged from party host, sound tech, and emcee torturer. Away from SELF, he co-hosts demos and play parties, helps lead a hugely successful munch, and continues to be engaged in service for the SouthEast region as is possible.

He primarily identifies as giving yet devious service top, a daring and inventive player, and an active and engaged promoter for his regional community. HappyPuppy is always looking for intriguing music, off-beat sound bites, audio equipment, and bold new ideas. He actively encourages all of the attendees to give their opinion, suggestions, and/ or advice for the show and the parties. He is always looking for ways to grow, and he cannot wait to provide the musical backdrop for his “family reunion” at the next, and every, SouthEast LeatherFest to come.

Angie: Floor Manager Assistant

Lady Steele Bio PicLady Steele: Fundraising Coordinator
Lady Steele has been publicly in the Leather community since 1999, but she has been kinky for her whole life.  She held the position of Social Coordinator for NLA – Atlanta during its last incarnation in Atlanta and has presented across the U.S. She currently resides in Atlanta where she operates her law practice that serves alternative lifestyles. Education is her passion, and, as a result, she is a co-founder of the Center of Learning and School of Success (C.L.A.S.S.).  She is also the co-founder of The Leather Coterie (T.L.C.) and the Worthless Bastards (Cigar) Club (W.B.C. – Atlanta).  Lady Steele also serves the community through being Support to the Board of the Leather Leadership Conference. When she is not presenting in person, Lady Steele shares her knowledge every Monday at 6:30 ET through her BlogTalk radio program, “The Legal Show,” which she co-hosts with renowned Sci-Fi author Bennet Pomerantz.  She has appeared three times on the KinkyCast, where spoke to the hosts on the topics of BDSM and the Law, Cigar Service and Play, and Poly and the Law.  She has also appeared on the Poly Podcast, where she again spoke about Poly and the Law.  Her BDSM and the Law podcast on KinkyCast has garnered more than 20,000 listens and downloads.




Open Jobs at SELF:

  1. Post-2017 additions to Setup & Supply crew (Atlanta residents preferred)

 If you're interested in working with our team, please contact Catherine Gross.

Miss Bettie: Website/Videography
bettieMiss Bettie is a queer, polyamorous switch from Jacksonville, FL. She was the 2008 Ms. Southeast Leatherfest and the 2007 Ms. North Carolina Leather. 
Miss Bettie has been active in the BDSM and Leather Lifestyles for over 13 years. She has presented and volunteered all over the Southeast and the nation. She is an activist, a brat, an educator, and a leather woman. Her activism involves everything from domestic violence to sexual rights. She is also passionate about education and the transfer of ideas from one generation to the next. 
Find her on FETLIFE as MissBettie.

FridayBB2015AFriday: Bootblack Coordinator
Friday is from Tuscaloosa, AL and is active in the Birmingham community with The Red Chair with fairly frequent forays to visit House Je Te Vois in New Orleans. She has been involved in the community for 3 years but interested for much longer.
Her love for leather began when she was growing up and riding horses, grew when she took care of her ex’s boots when he joined the Army in early 2000’s and saw resurgence when offered a chance to attend a small workshop in Birmingham in August 2013. After boot blacking publicly for the first time at Southern Sole in 2014, she was hooked on the energy and has now gotten to black at Southwest Leather, Frolicon, The Red Chair, and House Je Te Vois.

Scarlett: Operations Support and Contests
Scarlett is a babygirl switch with just a touch of sadistic streak who is proud to be joining the SELF family “officially” this year. My first experience lead to amazing friendships, a renewed believe that I have made the right choice in community and well a friend who turned into something way more.
In both my vanilla and kink world, I have run conferences from the ground up, including founding and running my very own,RIGGED. My level of attention to detail has always seemed to help things go smoothly.
If you see me wandering around and want to put a smile on my face, ask me about rope and fire and I will generally try to talk your ear off if I have time. In my local play space, I have taught classes on self-suspension, fire play and the art of the striptease.

Contact Scarlett about Contests

Kai: PHP and Website Support

Feyrie: PR Team

Pup Defiance: PR Team

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