Leadership opportunities:

SELF is comprised of layered teams who work and play hard!  If you're interested in any of the opportunities below, please reach out to Scarlett for an application! 

Please note all positions are volunteer time with no salary. No one at SELF is paid.  We are an all volunteer organization.


Current opportunities:

  1. Do you make graphics? SELF is looking for graphic designers  to work with our Social Presence Team and our Graphics Team.  Help craft the look and feel of yourSELF.  We have two open positions.  
    1. Create graphic media for SELF events to be posted online (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Fetlife) throughout the year.
    2. Reflect SELF's diversity and cultural consciousness (i.e., reflect all races, sexual orientations, gender expression, and our well-rounded culturally conscious event SELF strives to be) in your media creations.
    3. What we ask of you:
      1. Ability to provide reasonable turnaround on requests and/or meet deadlines for graphic needs (with 2-4 week lead times).
      2. Ability to work from a list of needed creation needs.
      3. Ability to work with .ai, .psd, .jpg, .png, and .pdf files and batch processing ideally. If you can work with Photoshop you're good to go.

  2. Do you know how to position video, film, and insure good sound? SELF needs a Videographer. We have a sound team and can help.  We need someone to make sure the camera is well placed and that the cording is correct (you'll have help with that) for sound. You'd be partially (mostly) responsible for set up and break down of equipment. You need to keep track of equipment you are provided (unless you have your own set up and we can talk).  Ideal candidate can also edit.

  3. Are you good with word processing? Could you learn a slightly different set up so you could add, edit and place photos? If you feel you can learn easily with good instruction and videos, consider joining our Website Team (no experience needed).  Or do you already know joomla?  We'd love to have you join our team.  You'd be responsible for working off of an excel list and you would have plenty of resources to support your learning.  Everyone with the except of the folks who do the heavy lifting on the site, started with no experience and became proficit.  It's a great opportunity for someone who likes to learn and really likes to do things where they know with certainty if it is correct or not.

    This position could also help with doing special filming projects during the year which would not require travel.  Editing skills would be needed.
  4. Willing to learn how to schedule posts on social media? Willing to like posts, share posts to lists as an administrator?  Willing to chat to SELF participants and answer questions (you'll be fully supported in how to do so).  If this sounds like you, consider joining our Social Presence Team. Willingness to be on Facebook, work with the team on Messenger


Please get in contact with Scarlett!  We have  opportunities and we'd love to get you involved!