Be A Contestant

SouthEast LeatherFest has great pride in our titleholders. Our contests allow everyone to fully participate in the selection of our next generation of titleholders. 

Expect support from your past and present titleholders. If you've heard the rumor that it costs $10,000 to be a titleholder it is not the experience of most titleholders and it is a choice.  We help you network to find places to stay and experience a cost effective and adventure filled year. Have more questions if this is right for you? Drop SELF a note on the interest form below!

Rules & Obligations

There is a $150 entrance fee per contestant and a $150 entrance fee per Master/slave couple.

Contestants will be supported by SELF before and during the weekend of fun:
    •  Pre-event support from the SELF Operations Assistant

SELF titleholders will receive continuous assistance from SELF during their title year:
    •  Travel fund
    •  Congratulatory media release
    •  Competition coach for international level events
    •  Event itinerary planning
    •  Promotional assistance
    •  Webpage for column and itinerary and advertising for your sponsors
    •  Presence at 2023 SELF event
    •  SELF tweets your event attendance
    •  Complimentary registration for SELF 2023
    •  Receive a custom made Leather Back Patch for their Leather Vest!
Receive a custom medallion

Note: All contestants for title competitions are limited to 4 auction baskets for the travel fund basket auction.  All monies collected will be evenly divided among the titles.  Each title: Ms. SELF, Mr. SELF, SE Person of Leather, SE Bootblack, SE Master/slave and SELF Boy, will receive an equal portion of the travel funds. Baskets will be auctioned via silent auction.

All materials must be received by May 1, 2022 in order to be eligible to compete. All contestants must be registered through the website and all fees must be paid. 

If you wish to compete, please contact the Title Aide for the contestant package by scrolling down on this page.  ABizzy, our Title Aide, will provide you with Official Title Documents and the Contestant Application.

You will need a completed bio (limited to 600 words) and picture when submitting your Contestant Application. The bio and picture will be used for promotional purposes on the SELF Web site and potentially in the printed program guide.

Contestant Downloads
    •  Auction Basket Form (please read all instructions at the bottom of the form) Thank you for participating in SELF!

Be a Contestant

This form starts your journey as a SELF contestant!  If you have any questions, suggestions, and/or concerns about SELF Contests or Titleholders please contact ABizzy using the form below.

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