Appropriate venues for lifestyle events are challenging.  We are asking you to abide by the policies to benefit all of us and allow SELF to maintain good hotel relationships for the foreseeable future. We want to continue to be welcome at hotels who have suitable facilities. We ask that everyone attending follows the simple policies and procedures below.


Please keep your attire to a “PG-Rated level” in ALL public areas. Our hotel supports a family-friendly dress code. We will be sharing the hotel with general public guests.

The hotel knows the nature of our activities and asks that we exhibit discretion in the lobby, hallways and all common areas of the hotels. We will be supporting the hotel's policies for behavior in all public areas of the hotel. When you register, online or in person, you will be asked to sign an agreement stating that you are familiar with our security policies and that you will abide by them throughout the weekend.

Pursuant to the agreement between the SELF and the hotel, the following policy will be in effect for the conference: No nudity or inappropriate attire shall be permitted in the hotel lobby or any other public area of the hotel. Men need to completely cover their butts, and women need to completely cover their breasts up to and including the area defined by the areola. (Please exercise common sense in interpreting these rules. Applying liquid latex or pasties, for example, will not be deemed adequate.) Both men and women need to completely cover their genitals, when in the public areas of the hotel.

“Inappropriate attire” shall include wearing, openly carrying or otherwise displaying “adult themed toys” such as floggers, whips, sexual toys of any nature. Transport adult themed toys through public areas of the venue enclosed in containers that conceal the content to prevent exposing non-SELF hotel guests to these items that may not be vanilla family oriented. Public areas of the hotel include outside, parking floors, the hotel lobby and hallways, elevators, public restrooms, restaurant, and bar.

SELF Security will be stationed throughout the hotel and conference center. Please ask for their assistance if needed to comply with these policies and procedures. Name badges must be worn by all registered participants at all SELF events. Badge replacement is $5.


We ask that you not engage in M/s, D/s, kink, poly, fetish conversations in the public areas (hallways, restaurants, elevators, parking lots, etc.) of the hotel.  The general public has not consented to engage in or overhear those conversations with us.  

We are asking that you not invite friends who are not attending the event to congregate in the hallways, lobby, restaurant or public areas of the hotel as we need all affliated people to have agreed to these policies and procedures to keep our relationship with hotels healthy.


Cell phones are allowed in the conference area.  They are expected to be used for voting purposes only during the various portions of the audience voting of the contest. Switch cell phones to silent in all workshops and during any group festivities. Take all calls in the Social Lobby or outside.

Cameras, videos, audios or other recording devices WILL be allowed in the designated area of the SELF conference facility.  Photography and other recording is NOT allowed in the workshops, vendor market, hallways or other non-designated areas. The designated SELFie area is for pictures you take of you and pictures you take with friends.  Taking pictures of others is prohibited.  Photography is allowed throughout the conference space by SELF authorized staff and SELF-authorized media representatives. Authorized photographers will be wearing an ‘Authorized Media’ badge.

Anyone taking unauthorized photos at the event will be asked to show deletion of photographs and possibly be asked to leave the event with no refund of their entrance fee.

If you DO NOT wish to have your photograph taken by SELF authorized photographers, please check with the SELF Registration Desk for a special badge indicator.

Advertising materials, flyers, and business cards can be placed at the Community Table in the Social area only by sponsors of SELF. We ask that you respect this policy that supports sponsors who support you. No distribution of flyers and other promotional materials may be placed in the public areas of the hotel lobby, hallways, elevators, public restrooms, restaurant or the bar.

You MUST be 21 years of age to attend SELF and supply proof with a valid photo ID.