Idris Dior - 2019 - 2021 SouthEast Person of Leather

SouthEast Person of Leather 2019 2020 2021Southeast Person of Leather logo 2019 2020 2021is a 40 year old, Gender Fluid, Non-binary Person of Color. An androgynous person with a flamboyant personality, Idris found the perfect passion in Cosmetology. This career allows the expression of personality and creativity in a profession that is seldom judged by norms.

Although kink didn’t begin there, Idris’ leather journey began by joining The Men of ONYX in 2015. Deciding there was a bigger story to share, Idris captured the title of Mx. NC Leather. Although the “title stage” gave the spotlight, it wasn’t used for self-motivation, instead to educate and give a model to persons (especially youth), that are struggling with identity issues. The goal is to reinforce that it OK just to be “you!”

Idris identifies as a “switch” who enjoys numerous kinks and fetishes including: Ass play, Erotic Massage, Water sports, Sensory play, CBT, Wax play, Body shaving and Edge play.