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We have changed our dates and secured a new hotel. We want to thank many of you that wrote us in October with concerns that kink was not welcomed at our old hotel.  Having learned of their new kink policies, we agree. In our search for a new hotel, it was necessary to change our date.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

We're delighted to move to a friendly hotel whose logo is "Food is Art!"

This year we're bringing you new programming and 60+ workshops.

Our Stepdown Symposium Buffet will feature our 2015 titleholders.  They are each going to give you a short presentation of their favorite class of year. You'll see our Vendors showcase some of their best and nastiest.  Our titleholders will also give their stepdown speeches.

On Saturday, we are offering our Keynote Luncheon.  Our Keynote speaker will be announced shortly.  Read more ...

On Sunday morning we're going to start with a new tradition.  Join us for our Celebration /Educator Choice Breakfast.  You'll hear from the 2015 titleholders and meet the 2016 winners.  We will also have educators who want any opportunity to teach in 2017 presenting 10 minute classes.  You'll score the presenter and whoever you liked most will be offered a spot to teach in 2017.  You know the deal-- only pre-registered participates who click the "I want to vote" button get to participate.

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