Masterslave 2019 v5 webSir Luke and his victor - 2019 - 2021 SouthEast Master and slave

enact their Master/slave dynamic with a consensual nonconsent structure. They have discovered divine purpose in their exploration of leathersex, sacred S&M, and elevated service. When victor’s petition reached Sir Luke's hands in 2013, they took a leap of faith together, overcoming fear and shame, and have built the most intense, passionate expression of love and authenticity they've known ever since. Their blood is shared on the collar victor now wears permanently.

They have presented internationally on eroticism in leathercare, deepening devotion and surrender, and the healing aspects of structured lifestyles. As a second generation Leatherman, Sir Luke has a strong connection to Leather history and strives to carry his uncle's legacy by building a brighter future for the queer Leather community. slave victor is a devoted slave who speaks against the stigmas surrounding mental health, expression of gender, and fragility in slavery. Together, they stand behind the phrase, "Be authentically you."

Sir Luke and his victor earned the Florida Power Exchange title of 2016/2017. Sir Luke currently serves on the board for the Leather Leadership Conference. When they're not doing work in the community, they enjoy their home sanctuary, where victor can sit at Sir Luke's feet in their dungeon and they can simply exist as Master and slave.