2017 Parties and Meet Ups

Kick-Off Karaoke & Talent Show
Thursday | Azalea 1 | 8pm - 9:30pm
Join DJ Happy Puppy for a night of entertainment
as we kick off SELF 22! Bring your hidden talents
and get ready to show off, or just sit back and enjoy the show.

Women/Girls of Leather Gathering
Thursday | Live Oak | 8pm - 9:15pm
SELF is proud to announce the first SouthEastern gathering
of Women/Girls of Leather.

A special thank you to Appalachain Women Of Leather,
the first host of this
new annual gathering of women
that will take place at SELF annually.

This will be a meeting to share ideas and
make connections with other clubs.

If your club is going to participate, please contact

Each club will provide a 5-10 minute introduction of topics
that are important
to your club and an introduction
of who your club/group is to other clubs.
Thank you and
we're SO excited to begin this new tradition at SELF!

Kinky Speed Dating
Thursday | Georgia | 9:30pm - 11pm
Looking to meet someone at SELF this weekend?
Join HelleFaye for some quick, fun, kinky good times
with speed dating kinky style!!

Late Night Movies: Despicable Me
Thursday | Live Oak | 10pm - 12am
Come watch movies with a few of your closest friends.
A different movie will play nightly.

Weekend Welcome Ritual
Thursday | Stone Mountain | 10pm - 11pm
Start the weekend off right with a dose of
spirituality. The weekend welcome ritual is a
must do for anyone looking to start off grounded
and ready to go!

Levis, Leather, & Libations
Thursday | Suite | 10pm - 11:30pm
Sir David Labriola is at it again, reminding us to
celebrate the sexier things in life. This SELF tradition
is going strong, pun intended. Drop by and
start your weekend off the right way!!

Male Submissives Roundtable
Friday | Azalea 2 | 9:30am - 10:45am
Join Quazi for a discussion on male submission.
Quazi is a lifestyle slave living in a 24/7 dynamic.
He’s the alpha slave of Lady Zara and a part of the
Trippy & Armed family. Q says his relationship with
his Mistress is the most important thing he has
ever done in his life. He feels that supporting her
in the community benefits the entire community.

For Quazi, following his slave heart is the most
natural thing in the world. He loves volunteering
at events and pitching in to make our community
a better place. Q can be a little dysfunctional,
and says living a submissive journey makes his world
make sense. Although he can be a little shy at first
he is always on a mission to have fun and encourages
you to say hi! Bring your questions and ideas to the table.

SELF's First Pet Show
Friday | Azalea 2 | 11:15am - 12:30pm
Calling all pets whether you are a puppy,
kitty fox, unicorn, etc this is for you!! This will be
our first pet show!!  Come and compete
against fellow pets for top honors.  
Please arrive early to get dressed
and sign up if participating.

Little’s Day Camp
Friday | King | 2:15pm - 5:15pm
Hey Bigs! Your loved one is in for a few hours
of sillyness with our talented coordinators. It will be
3 fun-filled hours of all that they could long for while
you wander and enjoy some fun of your own!

SELF Presents: Wine & Cheese for Your Pleasure
Friday | Suite | 5:15pm - 6pm
Take a break from your busy SELF exploration to
imbibe choice wines and fine cheeses, brought to you
by the SELF Charity and Fundraising Chair. This is a great opportunity
to take in some of the finer things while contributing to SELF's
many endeavors. The cost is $20 for the event. The service
will be white glove and the wine will be bottomless.
Come indulge yourSELF!

Frolicon presents A Night in Monte Carlo
Friday | Suite | 10pm - 12am
Join us for an evening of decadent frivolity,
including cocktails and table games.

We will be enjoying the finer side of life
with glitter,
glamour, and prizes to be won!
There will be plenty to tempt your palate!
Come frolic with the girls!

Late Night Movies: 50 Shades of Grey
Friday | Live Oak | 10pm - 12am
Come watch movies with a few of your closest friends.
A different movie will play nightly.

Hanky Panky
Friday | Georgia | 10pm - 12am
Join Jade Le Blade for Speed Dating with a kick!  
Wear your color coded hankies and come cruise
with us!  Copies of the code and extra hankies
will be available.

Rope Meet Up - Down and Dirty Rope Tricks
Friday | Stone Mountain | 10pm - 12am
Join Lady Zara the current Ms North Carolina
Leather 2017 to a rope meet up!! Welcome
to the world of function before pretty in
regards to Rope.  Lady Zara says, “I have always
been a bit of a sadistic Top interested in
layering sensations and intensifying small specific pain.  
Naturally, I had to learn to help my bottom
types stay still when I was actively tormenting them.  
Rope can be a cheap, easy, versatile toy that
can occupy you and your partner for hours.
Come join me for learning down
and dirty tricks for keeping eels in
captivity. Predicament or oppositional bondage
uses situation and body against the bottom
to give a Top the advantage. Bring rope,
a willingness to learn, and a sense of
adventure and join me to play with
tendrils of torment. This meet up is designed
to be a light hearted introduction to rope
focused on simple knots, basic bondage,
and dirty tricks to immobilize the bottom.
Come one, come all and share your
experiences, difficulties, and skills.”

Cards Against Humanity
Friday | King | 10pm - 12am
Come Join Lord Cailleach and play
Cards against Humanity with other
SELF attendees. Cards Against Humanity
is a party game for horrible people. Unlike
most of the party games you've played before,
Cards Against Humanity is as despicable,
funny and just plain WRONG as you and your friends.

Littles Breakfast
Saturday | Suite | 8:30am - 9:30am
Meet up with lil Stevie and a bunch
of other SELF littles for breakfast!
Bring your cereal, pop tarts or even
ice cream, cake, etc and join old and
new friends for a fun breakfast together!!

Atlanta MAsT Meeting
Saturday | King | 10am - 11am
Followed by a discussion 

Longevity: Independence & Interdependence
How do we protect individuality within M/s without breaking down 
the Master/slave dynamic in long term relationships? We deliberately
create relationships where we are dependent upon one another.
We form relationships where permission (granted or received)
and a clearly decided division of task or duties are an everyday occurrence.
When we grow together as a tightly formed unit what are
the future repercussions of living M/s? If we are a tightly formed unit
how have we insured that both Masters and slaves are able to
function beautifully and not create co-dependence.
Let’s have a lively discussion to foster healthy long-term M/s relationships
which also render individual health. This is not a class, it is a presentation
of questions in a co-creative environment.
Discussion by MAsT Marietta Women

Bootblack Mingle
Saturday | Azalea 4 | 11:15am - 12:15pm

Primal Scratch and Sniff
Saturday | Live Oak | 2:15pm - 3:30pm
Are you primal, or curious about the wilder side
of the lifestylel? Join other Primals for meeting and
greeting in a whole new way!! Lively discussions will ensue!!

Poly Meetup
Saturday | Azalea 4 | 2:15pm - 3:30pm
Join Billy Holder with Relationship Equality Foundation!!
Anyone identifying as poly or with questions
or plain curiosity is welcome to join us
for meeting new people and conversation.

WILA Cocktail Hour
Saturday | Suite | 3pm - 4:30pm
Women in Leather Atlanta will host an
open house social and cocktail hour.
Come meet and greet the sisters of WILA.

3rd Annual Littles Pageant
Saturday | Azalea 1 | 5pm - 6pm
Daddy Riot is back to host
this year's Pageant! Show off your talents in this
just-for-fun SELF event.
(Be sure to show up 15 minutes early
to sign up if you want to participate!)

TNG Meetup
Saturday | Stone Mountain | 5pm - 6pm 
Come join whippersnappers for a
TNG meetup. The Next Generation is
for persons 40 years old and younger.
If you are a in a TNG group or think you
should be then this is the place for you!
Come find out what these whippersnappers
are all about and meet others of your generation!!

ABW Cocktail Party
Saturday | Suite | 5pm - 6pm
Join Steph Sanders and American
Brotherhood Weekend for cocktails!

Foot party
Saturday | Stone Mountain | 10pm - 11pm
Do you love feet or foot play? Come join
Ms. Alexxa again for a wonderful foot loving time.
Anything foot related is welcome. Givers and
receivers wanted for foot massages, foot worship,
trampling, footstools, and maybe even some ball busting.

Come and enjoy the wonders of feet

Late Night Movies: Exit to Eden
Saturday | Live Oak | 10pm - 12am
Come watch movies with a few of your closest friends.
A different movie will play nightly.

Cards Against Humanity
Saturday | Georgia | 10pm - 12am
Come Join Lord Cailleach and play
Cards against Humanity with other SELF
attendees. Cards Against Humanity is a
party game for horrible people. Unlike most
of the party games you've played before,
Cards Against Humanity is as despicable,
funny and just plain WRONG as you and your friends.

RSVP Red Carpet Roll Out2017RSVP
Saturday | Suite | 10pm - 12am
Come join us, RSVP of Baton Rouge and
Red Stick TNG of Baton Rouge,
to congratulate and have a drink
with our 2017 SELF Title Holders!!

Littles Coloring and Craft Party
Sunday | King | 11am - 12:15pm
Bring your crayons, pencils, markers, stickers,
coloring books, and any other artsy stuff you wanna doodle on!

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