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Step DowSymposium

This year we are inviting our titleholders to step down in style!  We'll have a Stepdown Symposium, moderated by our very own Catherine Gross, where you'll have a chance to meet and mingle with your 2016 titleholders. 

This is a panel class about what the experience of being a titleholder is within the SELF system. Find out what their year has been like and hear their personal stories and triumphs. If you've ever been even a little curious, you do NOT want to miss this opportunity!  They don't know what Lady Catherine will be asking!

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Titleholder Sash Fund!!!

WE HAVE SASHED: Ms SELF, SE Bootblack, SE Person of Leather, SE Master and SE slave.  Help us sash Mr SELF and SELF boy!

Fund for titleholder sashes


180 Days

Titleholder Sash Fund!!!

WE HAVE SASHED: Ms SELF, SE Person of Leather, SE Master, SE slave, and SE Bootblack.  Help us raise funds to sash Mr. SELF & SELF boy!!



 What is SouthEast LeatherFest?

SELF is an adult educational, fundraising and social convention that supports lifestyles of consenting adults. We are four days of exploration, invigoration, and conversation. We are a domestic non-profit.