Stephan and Synda 

Stephan entered the lifestyle over 20 years ago. SweetWisteria has been a part of the BDSM and alternative lifestyle community since 2009. Stephan and SweetWisteria (Synda) have been in an M/s service-based dynamic for almost six years exploring what power and authority exchange mean to them. They live in a poly household with six adults, two cats, and two dogs adding to the complexity of their M/s and service to both a person and a house. Together they enjoy educating on a myriad of subjects around the M/s dynamic, service, formal dining, etiquette, and many other subjects. They are also the griots of the Boston Annex of the Carter Johnson Library and Collection and coordinate to bring in presenters for weekend intensive-style community events. They regularly host formal dinners in their home and love discussing their “food porn and napkin porn” as they affectionately call it!