Master Aaron slave jennieMaster Aaron & Slave jennie
Master Aaron has been out and about in the BDSM community both locally and nationally since around 2000. As he grew and found his path of Mastery he was able to continue to learn and grow in this path under the watchful eye of Master Roy, whom he now calls Dad. Master Aaron along with his slave jennie are the Proud directors of MAsT Jacksonville, NC, and a monthly BDSM event called Coming Together. Master Aaron along with his slave provide support, education and a safe place for those in the community to learn and grow.
Slave jennie started her journey in the Baltimore/DC community as a frequent attendee of The Playhouse Studios as well as a founding member of the former MAsT Baltimore chapter. Slave jennie surrendered her life in service to Master Aaron 14 years ago and has been growing in her slave role ever since. slave Jennie is the assistant director of MAsT Jacksonville, NC, and along with Master Aaron helps run the local Coming Together monthly BDSM event. Together with Master Aaron slave jennie works to provide a safe place in their small local community where people can learn and growth.