Marilyn has been active in the Leather/BDSM community since 1986. She is a Master, sadist, and a control freak with an intense blood lust. She is a fat femme top who likes to play very hard, and has a special affection for slut masochists. She claims Mistress and Ma’am, and is happily polyamorous with a slave, a special boi, and other play partners who help enrich her life. Marilyn has judged and tallied at numerous contests, including Ms SF Leather and the Bay Area Cub Contest, and has presented at Black Rose, Leather Traditions, Northwest Leather Celebration, Southeast Leatherfest, Southwest Leather, International Ms. Leather, Sin in the City, Leather Leadership Conference, Leather Levi Weekend, SF Citadel, San Francisco State, Venus’ Playground, Dark Odyssey: Surrender, Foundations, Butch Voices, The Group In Fresno, Fresno Leather Advocacy Group, the Exiles, and more. Her home club is the Exiles of San Francisco, where she has spent many years as an officer. She is active in MAsT San Francisco. She was the winner of the 2016 Jim Reimer Community Volunteer Award, given by the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance. She is a member of Mama’s Family, as "Mama’s Fierce Femme". She is also a computer professional with two children, and a Trustee at her synagogue.

Rio headshot 2022Rio, Marilyn's slave

Rio is a butch leatherdyke who found her calling as a dedicated leather pervert in 2006. She identifies as a slave, a masochist, a feminist, a hopeless romantic, and is obsessed with service. She is profoundly grateful to be the collared slave of Marilyn. Rio’s never met a newcomer she didn’t like, and delights in welcoming people into the M/s and kink communities. She served as Ms. San Francisco Sober Leather in 2016, and the community-elected female Leather Marshall at the 2015 San Francisco Pride Parade. She is active in MAsT San Francisco, and served as an officer in the Exiles for many years. Rio has a knack for getting people to donate things, and has run silent auctions and raffles for a number of organizations in the Bay Area. She’s also been the “Tally slave” at the Ms. SF Leather contest for several years. Rio is a member of Mama’s Family, pinned as “Mama’s Oakland Rio.” Feeding her passion for both education and exhibitionism, Rio has judged, MC’d, sung, and taught at numerous conferences and events, including the Folsom Street Fair, International Ms Leather, Northwest Leather Celebration, Southwest Leather Conference, Leather Alliance Weekend, Queer Leather Association of Sacramento, Fresno Leather Advocacy Group, and the Exiles. She’s also demo-bottomed at many other events, usually under the sadistic hands of Marilyn. But nothing makes her happier than to be naked at home serving her Mistress.