DracoDraco & darlin
DraconianSoul has been a DaddyDom long before he knew that there was a term for it. DraconianSoul is a Daddy, a Sadist and a Primal. He has been Daddy to simpledarlin for the last 6 years. He is proud to serve as a member of the CAPEX board, a co-founder and leader in the Charlotte Little Scouts Troop and a member of The House of Valor. DraconianSoul also has a love for leather working. He is eager to do more teaching and give back to the community that has done so much to help him grow.
darlin has been in the lifestyle since around 2000. She is a Marine so one could say leather qualities have been 'drilled' into her, both by them and her father. She is working to become a Bootblack for The House of Valor and the community as a whole. She enjoyed working with the boots in the Corps and is eager to learn a better way of showing her love of the leather. Her only hope and desire is that she makes both her Daddy, Draco, and her House, House of Valor, proud.