DexThumbnailDex (Fetlife: Dex)

Dex is a Dominant who began his journey in the leather lifestyle 20 years ago on an educational and self-reflective path of discovery. He was the leader of an extended leather family for several years, with a home that was well-known for its dungeons and hospitality.

As a college professor of education (now retired), Dex naturally put his teaching skills to use in the lifestyle. He has presented at numerous events and venues including Summer Bash, Spring Fling,The Floating World, SINSations in Leather, Southeast Leatherfest, Beyond Leather, Kinko de Mayo, Thunder in the Mountains, South Plains Leatherfest, Leatherfet, Lupercalia (Edmonton, CA), The Woodshed, the Tampa Bay Phoenix Club, E-P-I-C Lifestyle Conference 2016, FetishCon 2017, GLLA 2018, Sin in the City 2019, TESFest 2019, Weekend of Wickedness 2019, Jax FetFest 2019, Academy of Fetish Arts 2020, Jax FetFest 2021, Sadovarious 2021 (Czechia), Beat Me in St. Louis 2022.

Although he loves variety in kinky dungeon activities, Dex's greatest passion is whip play. He has applied his education background to teaching others about whips, using techniques based upon proven theories in the field of adult education. Dex is the author of Whips in the Dungeon: Singletail Techniques for Play, available on Amazon. Dex produces the YouTube Channels: BDSM Dungeon Play and Whips in the Dungeon.