DaKollectorDa Kollector

I am a cisgendered heterosexual sadistic primal male dominant. I’ve been a part of this BDSM lifestyle for over 17 years, my public involvement in BDSM began back in 2002 when I attended my first full-fledged BDSM play party in Philadelphia, PA. I am the co-founder and on the planning committee of The Philly Black Munch: a POC-aimed event within the Philadelphia area currently in its second year. I also own Da Kollector's Collection, a custom engraved paddle making company. I also do presentations and have taught BDSM classes in the Philadelphia and Chesapeake, VA, area as well as having presented at The Journey Con 2019 in Atlanta, GA. I participate actively in my local community as well as travel to other communities to fellowship, learn, and grow as I continue my kink Journey.