Axel picture of rope suspensionAxel (she/her) masochist, rope bottom, submissive

Axel is a queer indigenous women of color from Boston, MA. Axel has been a part of the kink community since 2019 whilst living in Atlanta. Axel joined the kink community when they began exploring different methods of energy release. Through Axel’s journey they have gained a thriving passion for teaching others about their identity through kink, self love and expression, as well as creating safe spaces that allow knowledge of kink to flow thoroughly. Axel’s most important kink activity is rope play. Through rope play Axel has learned how to build deeper trust, exude energy, experience true releases being tied in a multitude of Shibari styles. Axel is a bottom that enjoys bondage and impact play, power exchange, breathe play, and service to name a few. Axel also volunteers for Blood,Sweats & Queers that is a queer kink community based in Atlanta. Axel’s goal is to help give awareness of the queer kink community, that will help people feel comforted and safe in the journey of self exploration.