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ABizzy is holding her title of SouthEast Person of Leather for a second year! She originally hails from Hattiesburg, MS, though these days she and her poly family call Baton Rouge, LA home. She spends her days wrangling little people and their parents at her mundane service industry job, while the rest of the time, ABizzy devotes her life to her family and her leather life. She was introduced to BDSM and the leather life seven years ago when she first moved to the Baton Rouge area. That started a journey that has included participation in groups across Louisiana and Mississippi. SELF has been a big part of her leather path as well. She attended her first SELF in 2013, and received her first gifted leather from River, 2013’s SELF Boy, as he stepped down from his title in 2014. ABizzy is the co-founder and Head Little in Charge of Red Stick TNG. She and her co-leaders are dedicated to education; to that end, they plan and host regular, bi-monthly socials and munches, many with an educational topic and often with a guest speaker to bring new information to the TNG group. She and her co-leaders work closely with the leader of Baton Rouge’s local dungeon RSVP to bring TNG-hosted events to the RSVP community, furthering not only TNG’s educational focus, but helping RSVP achieve their own educational goals as well. These events have fostered a solid relationship between the TNG membership and RSVP, helping both groups grow and thrive. ABizzy recently accepted a position as treasurer on the board of the new Baton Rouge Chapter of Little Scouts. And in February, she was honored to be asked to serve as Tally master at the recent resurrection of the Mr. Houston Leather contest. ABizzy is a leathergirl, babygirl, bootblack, mentor, teacher, crochet enthusiast, dog lover and rescuer, extreme couponer and Disney addict all rolled up in one adorable, dynamic package.


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Oct 2016 Column

Wow, it seems like just yesterday that I was standing on stage, turning bright red as Darryl Flick asked my oh-so-surprising POP question. My experience running for SouthEast Person of Leather is one that I would never change. Starting with the moment I turned in the application until the time I left the hotel, the entire experience just seems like a whirlwind. I never expected how many amazing people I would get to meet and how many interesting things that I learned from my new friends. I even learned that Tiger Balm can eat through a condom!

I think the most important thing I learned, and what stuck with me the most during my title run, is that SELF is family. No matter what I needed someone was there to help – even if it was just to listen to my speech for the 100th time – and for this I am forever grateful. You guys are such an amazing group of people I don’t even know where to begin. I would like to thank my chosen family for all their love and support. I would not have EVER been able to accomplish this goal without their help. I would like to thank my awesome friends for being silly with me in my fantasy. I would like to thank the_boyy for tolerating all of my neurotic planning and for listening to my speech and introduction for 9 hours on the car ride to Atlanta. I would like to thank my home club/community RSVP and RedStickTNG. You have all been so supportive, encouraging and generous even when we had so much turmoil going on here. I would like to thank everyone who donated to my auction baskets, you guys are seriously creative, amazing people. I would like to thank everyone that took the time to speak with me about my platform of bridging the generational gap in our community through education. I learned so much from each and every one of you. I would like to thank everyone who ran for titles alongside me. Tori, Tig, cissycat, Master Bella and slave rooks, you guys are an amazing group of people and I consider myself lucky to be part of a family with you. I was so surprised how well we all clicked together and loved that we all decided to get matching vests! Last but not least I would like to thank everyone who makes SELF what it is: a fine oiled machine. Everyone from Lady Catherine to the volunteers checking badges at every curtain. You make this event such an awesome thing to be a part of.

I was so excited to bring all of the bags of love donated by our SELF community for RSVP home to Baton Rouge. Our community has been so blessed by all of your donations and your generosity inspired an outpouring of generosity from other communities as well. My family was honored to host Mr. Southcoast Olympus Leather, Tea, when he came to Baton Rouge to deliver the donations from his community in Jacksonville. Thanks to your generous help we were able to get a majority of the repairs done to our facility and have a grand reopening scheduled for October 15th. We are looking forward to our annual fundraising party for Halloween as well.

I am still planning all of the events that I will be attending this year as there are so many that I wish to participate in. I am a little overwhelmed with all of options for great events so if anyone has a favorite event they would like to recommend please feel free to reach out to me on social media. I am looking forward to attending as many events as possible so I can start building a network of people who are as passionate as I am about education and making our community as strong as it can be.

I am so very grateful to be your Southeast Person of Leather and I look forward to representing this title the best way I know how. I am always open to suggestions and comments so please feel free to reach out to me anytime.

January 2017 Column

     Happy New Years to all of my SELF family far and wide! I hope that 2017 brings you many blessings, lots of new things to learn, lots of new things to see, and mosst of all... lots of fun kinky/leather things to experience. I hope everyone's New Year is starting off well and I just wanted to give you all a brief update on what has been happening with your SouthEast Person of Leather.

2016RSVP Victory 3     On October 15th my title mom, Autumn, came to visit. Little did I know that it was for a congratulations party that my home club of RSVP had panned to align with their grand re-opening. That's right, RSVP is reopened and we are hoping that a lot of2016RSVP Victory 4 you come to visit! The bags of hope that you guys donated as well as the gift cards helped to touch so many people in my community's lives, and for this I am forever grateful. I know I mentioned this before but we are still talking about how great our SELF family is.2016RSVP Victory 7

2016 Halloween 4     Also in October I got to help with our annual auction on Halloween It was a super fun night and who doesn't love to see all the big letters grin and little letters cower as bigs went higher on wonderfully wicked things. This was a chance for a lot of people to rebuild their toy bags! It was a special weekend for everyone, but even more so for me because Miss Bettie2016 Halloween 2 came to visit and even dressed up as Glenda the Good Witch in my family's Wizard of Oz themed group costume. We even won the group costume contest!2016 Halloween 1

     One of my most important holiday events is the annual Orphan's Thanksgiving that my family hosts. This is an event that we have done for the past 6 years and it just continues to get better. My Daddy opens his business and we host a private event for all of the members of our community and their families that might not have anywhere to go on Thanksgiving. We have a huge pot luck spread and everyone sits around, eats, and visits with our chosen families. This is something that we look forward to every year and if you are ever in Baton Rouge during Thanksgiving swing on by.
The rest of 2016 was a whirlwind and as of this week I have completed my application, booked my flights, booked my hotel room and started prepping or the International Person of Leather contest. This will be held at Sin in the City in Las Vegas on February 3rd-5th. This is my first trip to Las Vegas and I am super excited to be going for such an awesome event. I am very grateful that my "leather grandmother," and a member of the SELF family, Miss Solitaire, along with members of my family will be accompanying me to IPoL. I am looking forward to making my SELF family proud of me as I compete to bring home the International title to the SouthEast.

     I would still love to hear about any events that your home clubs are hosting and would love to come visit as many of these clubs as possible. Again, please feel free to reach out to me on social media and let me know!

October 2017 Column

Hello my family. I hope all has been well. I am excited to tell you about all of the amazing things that I have been up to since June. First off I would just like to thank you all again for allowing me the chance to serve as your SouthEast Person of Leather for a second year. I would not be able to accomplish this without the help of all of you amazingly, awesome people that I get to call family.2017POLJune1

This year has already been a busy one for me. Since I retained in June I have been traveling non-stop be it for my vanilla job or community related. The beautiful thing about traveling for work is that it has given me the opportunity to attend meet up, munches, and just one on one coffees with people from all over the states. I started my new year by heading out to work in Columbus, GA.2017POLWoD I was fortunate that this allowed me the chance to attend the Women of Drummer meet up that was happening in the Atlanta area. It was great experience and my first time in a women’s only space. I loved getting to feel the energy that was running through the atmosphere there. I even got to use this work trip to have an impromptu brunch with members of my SELF family. Around this same time a t-shirt I designed for my company to support Autism Awareness went nationwide. I was over the moon excited to see this happen, because it is something that I am passionate about.

After returning from GA, I was able to visit Hattiesburg and Gulfport, MS as well as Slidell, LA. I was able to spend time with people from all of these cities and even push for them to attend our wonderful conference next year. It was great just to be back in the area and visit with the people that helped me when I first found this awesome community.

In early August I was able to attend my first Rocky Mountain Rebellion, which hosts the 2017POLRMR1Rocky Mountain Person of Leather contest. This was a fabulous event. I was able to meet so many new face, and visit with all of my west coast family. Amber K, the 2016 Rocky Mountain Person of Leather, did an amazing job in her title year and gave a step aside speech that was nothing less than moving. 2017POLRMR2While at RMR my POL family started a new tradition/rule. If one or more POL is at an event they must have a “family” dinner. I think this is such a fabulous idea and can’t wait to continue this tradition. I want to thank both Amber K. and Sir Andrew Love for having me out for this event, giving me a place to stay, and even calling me an Uber for my 6am flight.2017POLRMR3

After RMR, my job sent me to Kansas City for three weeks. While there I was able to meet lots of people and attend some events hosted by Dungeon IX and AHS. There facility is amazing and all of the people in the area were so welcoming and willing to help with anything I needed. I was able to contribute to one of their annual auctions and help raise money for their clubs. I am hoping to head back that way soon and visit their space again.

2017POLBCD1Mostly recently I was asked to attend Behind Closed Doors in Tuscon, AZ. BCD and Master Patrica hold the SouthWest Person of Leather contest. I had to chance to serve as judges girl, which was a great experience. 2017POLBCD2I want to congratulate Sir Jesse on his new title as Southwest person of Leather 2018 as well as welcome him to our POL family. I would also like the thank Master Donna for the two years she served as SouthWest POL.2017POLBCD3

Well that has been my journey for the past few months. As always if any of you would like to see my smiling, happy face at your events please let me know. I would love to spend time with each and everyone of you.

Juanuary 2018 Column

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June 2018 Column

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