2017 MS hrMaster IceDog and slave ravyn are honored to have been awarded the title of 2017 SouthEast Master and slave.

Master IceDog has always supported those exploring and learning new things as a mentor and through friendships. Through His participation and leadership in the local lifestyle community, Master IceDog's skills have been enhanced through ever increasing roles in the various groups in which He has been involved. Educating those interested in learning more has become a passion for Him. Giving back to the community is high on Master IceDog’s priority list. Educating those who come after us is vital for a strong community, and Master IceDog is proud to share in that responsibility.

slave ravyn has spent much of the last two decades teaching and guiding others. Many of the topics on which she presents and coaches include relationship building, effective communication, stress reduction, self-regulation, finding balance, and brain development. Through these learning and teaching opportunities, slave ravyn has empowered many to grow on their personal and professional journeys. Through her Master’s support and encouragement, she has begun to share her knowledge with those in the lifestyle.

Calendar of Events

Recurring monthly events:
MAsT: Raleigh - 3rd Sunday
MORDOR/smart - 2nd Wednesday


13 Everett Leather Social - slave ravyn
15 OTK (Over Thirty Kinksters - presenters)
22 TLC (Triangle Leather Club) Leather Run
27-30 SEAL (SouthEastern Alliance of Leather - Tally Master and slave)

24-27 FPE (Florida Power Exchange) - Master IceDog
25 Round table discussion on Mentoring led by Master Roy & Alphaboy Jeff - slave ravyn

8/31-9/4 Master slave Conference
8-9 South Carolina Pride in Leather
16 Q&A Before Play with Master IceDog, slave ravyn, and Lady Zara
23 Wingnut Stables Fall slave Hunt

7 TMG (Triangle Munch Group) Fashion Show
20-21 Leather History Preservation Weekend

4 Leather Formal Coursed Dinner
11-12 Coastal Carolina Fetish Fair (presenters)

2 TMG Holiday Fair
15 MAsT Midlothian December Meeting (presenters)

6 TMG First Saturday Munch (presenters)
26 Spanking Play Party (presenters)


9-11 South Plains Leather Fest - International Master/slave Contest

5-8 Master slave Reflections
20-22 M/s Gathering
27-30 Submissive Safe Haven (presenters)

3-6 North Carolina Leather Contest
17-20 Frolicon

14-17 SELF 23

June 2017 Column

We have not even been home for 24 hours, and it is beginning to sink in. my Master and i are now a part of Leather history. It is an awesome and amazing responsibility that holds a special place in our hearts. The gravity of the decision that has been made by a wonderful group of judges, staff and board members of SELF, and all of those who were in attendance is one that we respect and appreciate. Being in a position to help model and carry-on what has been such an important part of our lives, and our community is something that we do not take lightly. Hearing the words of Sir Guy DeBrownsville and Angel Propps was powerful and will help guide us in our own personal growth.

My Master and i will now take all that we have learned on our journey thus far, as well as all that we will continue to learn as our adventure continues. All of the different opinions, and stories, and perspectives we will hear will become a piece of us. We will share this knowledge with anyone who is willing to listen. At SELF 22, we were able to make many new friends, and meet many new people, reconnect with some dear friends, and continue learning. Our title year has now begun, and we are excited to build many new connections and strengthen those that have been made in order to do our part in our community, and in carrying on what has come before us.

my Master and i have been serving our community through our involvement in local groups. These connections are constantly being strengthened, and will continue to be through the future. Our local community is near and dear to us. Now, as title holders, our goal is to extend our reach. How far can we go to share our message, and our knowledge? The possibilities are limitless. And, helping others to strengthen their connection while building our new ones is very empowering for everyone.

All of this is only possible because of Lady Catherine's encouragement, the amazing staff, volunteers, and board members of SELF, and a fabulous panel of judges including Sir David Labriola, Darcy, Tina, Boypup Max, and GearDog. It was truly an honor to meet each and every one of you, and all of those who were at SELF 22.Column 001 June 2017

Master IceDog and slave ravyn
2017 SouthEast Master/slave

Oct 2017 Column

It seems as if SELF was only a few weeks ago. In fact, that amazing and life changing experience was held THREE MONTHS AGO. So much has happened since the day that we arrived in Atlanta. So many new connections have been made. So much learning, and sharing about ourselves, and others. my Master and i have said to each other over and over again that we cannot do all the things. Oh, how we want to, though. We want to share what we know, have learned, and are learning with anyone who will listen… to meet and connect with folks from all over, especially those we might not have had the chance to meet before. We want to encourage those who are unaware about Leather history to ask questions, do some research, learn from where it is that this piece of our community comes. As we meet new people who are not aware of the other pieces of the greater community, my Master and i seize the opportunity to expand their horizons, and share that their piece of the puzzle is only a piece. It is when we are all together, united, connected, accepting of each other - similarities and differences - that our community is whole.

One of the tidbits of advice that was shared with us even before we arrived at SELF to run for the title was to be sure to focus on each other. Remember what is important to my Master. And for my Master to remember what is important to His slave. Throughout every adventure and experience, we are in it together. We have had many opportunities to ensure that we put this into practice. The first time was when i travelled across the country for work to Seattle. Without my Master. This was not the first time i had travelled without Him. However, this was the first time, i was traveling as the 2017 SouthEast slave without my Master. Had there only been vanilla happenings in Seattle, this would have been no different than in the past. However, this time, i was going to attend my first Leather social. And, without my Master. We spoke to my gracious host, the 2017 Northwest Master, Kelly Chance, many times before i was to arrive. She was kind, supportive, understanding, and encouraging. She introduced me to her family, and shared some of who she is and who they are with me. She even supported my tourist tendencies taking me to the best places for pictures. Her slave and i connected almost immediately. Our excitement and energy was electric, and we had fun. All too soon, it was back to vanilla before finally returning home to share my experience and excitement with my Master.

Before long, it was His turn to experience being the 2017 SouthEast Master without His slave. Life happens, and responsibilities sometime keep us from participating in the fun things. Florida Power Exchange was one of these times. Wonderful friends from our community took Him down to Tampa with them. While still fulfilling their responsibilities, they also kept an eye out to ensure my Master’s needs were met (to some degree) - and His water bottle was full. Through these adventures, we were each able to witness, and, to some degree, experience what other Master/slave dynamics are. It helped to reinforce for us that what we have, and what we are doing works for us...well. And, also, that what works for us may very well not work for others. We knew this prior. We have shared this, and taught this very sentiment many times. Now, that concept was solidified. Even more than it had been. And, we appreciated our dynamic that much more.

Probably, one of the most enriching adventures of the past three months was attending the Master slave Conference. When my Master and i were at MsC last year, we knew that we would be back. Every year. The experience of being surrounded by those who really understand who you are, and what drives you to do what you do is unlike anything else. It is powerful, and comforting. It is supportive, and encouraging. It is empowering. This year, my Master and i not only re-experienced all of those feelings, we truly were coming home to a family reunion. Many of our SELF family were there. Possibly, our entire class for the International Master slave contest at South Plains was there. Friends we have not seen since last year's MsC were there. And, we shared many special moments with many special people. Together, we grew, as Master and slave, as well as individuals. We participated in research (yay!!!), and strengthened connections. my Master and i witnessed three other Master slave couples participating in the contest for the Northeast Master and slave titles. Welcome to the class. And, for those who did not receive the title, continue to do what you are doing to strengthen the community. We support you.

2017SEMsOctComing home, back to our vanilla life, back to everyday helped us recognize how much we need each other, and our chosen family. After being immersed for so many days in such a powerful atmosphere, i yearned to find it again. i found comfort from my Master… from our House members… from our friends. We are in this together. We keep going… to so many of the things together. my Master and i are growing stronger together, everyday, learning more and more about ourselves as individuals and about us as a couple. We mess up. And we grow from those mess ups. We lead, we guide, we encourage, we teach, and we empower. And at the end of every day, we are there together… planning our next adventure.

January 2018 Column

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March 2018 Column

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June 2018 Column

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