Khalid El BeySELF 25's Head Judge - Khalid El Bey

Khalid El Bey (aka SelfLaw ONYX) is your Leatherman of Color(LoC) 2016. He is an alum of ONYX MidAtlantic and has been actively involved in the Leather community by volunteering his time from the start of his journey as well as serving in various positions within ONYX MidAtlantic and other local and regional organizations including DC Leather Pride and Brother Help Thyself Foundation. He now lives in Columbia, South Carolina
Khalid is a disabled veteran of the United States Navy and identifies as a sadomasochistic Bear and WolfPup with an abundance of kinks and fetishes. He has both presented and/or been a panelist for a number of leather/kink/bdsm/sex positive events in the MidAtlantic region and beyond. Khalid's favorite hash tags are #BearsDontSlayTheyMaul and #LoveTheSkinYoureIn.