AJ BB 22Ascher ter Kuile

AJ, your International Community Bootblack 2019, continues to be of service to the Leather and BDSM communities in the Southeast region. AJ has been a part of the Florida Leather community since 2014 and fell in love with Bootblacking after seeing a steamy poolside scene. Learning through books, online resources, and the community at large, AJ took a chance and entered FLSb-FCBB and the rest is history! Since the Pandemic, AJ has shared the passion for Bootblacking on a smaller scale by mentoring new Bootblacks in a one-on-one setting. AJ has also supported events through volunteering and behind-the-scenes support for events such as UPRISE-Welcome to the Dawn, Virtual Bootblack Jam, Flame, and more. Being a baker of cakes, brownies, and cookies, AJ often flags lime green for food play along with Red, Grey, and Black but is always up for some shenanigans in the dungeon. Though he has a sweet tooth that rivals even the great Willy Wonka, AJ's first love is that of the most perfect food in the world: Tacos!