Fun Hosts Applications are OPEN now

Are you or your organization going to host the next most talked about party at SELF? 
Are you looking for a great way to contribute to the fun or a way to be part of SELF? 
Look no further, Host a great time and support your event!

What SELF hosts do:

  • Bring fun new ideas for parties, meet ups, games, and all-around fun.
  • Create craft time, fun time, and something that is not a class but gets people together.
  • Hosts create ways for our participants to connect. Our theme for 2022 is “CONNECT.”
  • Find ways to engage people and show off your club, your group, your SIG, yourSELF!
  • Serve snacks, cocktails, or mocktails!
  • Let your imagination run WILD and come up with new and fun ways to CONNECT and celebrate!
  • Propose a fundraiser to support SELF’s titleholders, charities, and scholarships.

Put in a proposal of your idea into fun and depending on the cost of your party and the fire you are bringing to the participants (and the duration of your mini-event) you could snag discount packages to SELF. Or bring fierce fire that everyone will talk about and get free package(s)!! Come on.... show us yourSELF!

Some things we have done in the past are Canvas & Cocktails, Cards against Humanity, Singles Mingle, Littles Day Camp, Littles Pageant, Cocktail Parties, Latex Rain Party, POC Caucus, Littles Breakfast, Foot Party, Harry Potter and the Kinky Cup and so much more.

Fun Host Application

We are so excited to help facilitate your ideas for fun this year at SELF! Our theme this year is CONNECT and we are looking for fun activities to truly help our attendees connect with each other and with themselves!!

We appreciate the value you bring to our participants and all the fun we experience with you!  


Please note that additional hosts cannot be added after your event has been confirmed on the schedule by SELF.  

I agree that any social media profile provided can be linked, tagged, and friended by SELF and its media outlets.
I agree to allow SELF to promote my fun event.
I intend to participate in the full weekend
I agree to engage with SELF via the social media channels I listed.
Availability throughout the weekend
I am willing to host during the following times:
I am willing to host a fun event during the contest time on Friday and/or Saturday night.
Are you willing to have your room assigned adjacent to the party rooms?
I agree to promote my event on social media at least twice a month until the event.
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