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SouthEast LeatherFest has great pride in our titleholders. Our contests allow everyone to fully participate in the selection of our next generation of titleholders. 

Expect support from your past and present titleholders. If you've heard the rumor that it costs $10,000 to be a titleholder it is not the experience of most titleholders and it is a choice.  We help you network to find places to stay and experience a cost effective and adventure filled year. Have more questions if this is right for you? Drop Master Blue a note on the interest form below!

Rules & Obligations

There is a $99 entrance fee per contestant and a $99 entrance fee per Master/slave couple.

Contestants will be supported by SELF before and during the weekend of fun:
    •  Pre-event support from the SELF Operations Assistant

SELF titleholders will receive continuous assistance from SELF during their title year:
    •  Travel fund
    •  Congratulatory media release
    •  Competition coach for international level events
    •  Event itinerary planning
    •  Promotional assistance
    •  Webpage for column and itinerary and advertising for your sponsors
    •  Presence at 2018-2019 SELF event
    •  SELF tweets your event attendance
    •  Complimentary registration for SELF 2019
    •  Receive a custom made Leather Back Patch for their Leather Vest!
Receive a custom medallion

All contestants for title competitions are limited to 3 auction baskets for the travel fund basket auction.  All monies collected will be evenly divided among the titles.  Each title: Ms. SELF, Mr. SELF, SE Person of Leather, SE Bootblack, SE Master/slave and SELF boy, will receive an equal portion of the travel funds. Baskets will be auctioned via silent auction.

All materials must be received by May 1, 2018, 
in order to be eligible to compete. All contestants must be registered through the website and all fees must be paid. 

Contestant Downloads

If you wish to compete, please reference these documents and contact the Contest Coordinator for confirmation of details and deadlines. You will need a completed bio (limited to 600 words) and picture when submitting your Contestant Application.  The bio and picture will be used for promotional purposes on the SELF Web site as well as in the printed program guide.
    •  Requirements for Competing: Bootblack
    •  Requirements for Competing: Master/slave, Mr., Ms., Person of Leather and boy
    •  Contestant Application
    •  Auction Basket Form: Please make ten (10) copies to place with your basket for bidders to review

After you have completed these forms, please send them to Scarlett and along with your bio and a picture of yourself.

You will then be sent a registration code to register for the event. Contestant packets cost $99.00

Thank you for participating in SELF!

Please use the form below and we will answer your questions.  

Titleholder Sash Fund!!!

WE HAVE SASHED: Ms SELF, SE Person of Leather, SE Master, SE slave, and SE Bootblack.  Help us raise funds to sash Mr. SELF & SELF boy!!



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From a contestant's perspective:

"I've been through two closed interviews. My SELF interview was very intense and they did ask some very direct, personal questions. "Nervous" would be a mild euphemism of how I was feeling. If there were others present, it would have increased the level of anxiety. Additionally, the closed doors allowed a level of transparency and honesty because I knew that whatever was said during that interview would stay in that room. The judges saw me, Michael/Nefarious, not a performance or presentation. It's my understanding that the interviews are so that the judges can get to know the person, not "the persona." They will see those things during the rest of the contest through the introduction, speech, fantasy, pop question, and watching how the contestant interacts in other situations."
~ Nefarious, Mr. SouthEast LeatherFest 2009

"Competing for SouthEast LeatherFest boy was a whirlwind! It was fast paced and fun. I learned a lot about myself. It was very challenging, and I would never have won without the support and efforts from a multitude of people. I’m very grateful that I entered  and I would do it again in a heartbeat."
~boy River, Southeast Leatherfest Boy 2013

"As I wind down from all the excitement, nervousness, and accomplishment of SouthEast LeatherFest 18 I realize just how much energy it took to get through the weekend. Competing is both Stressful and a Ton of fun. I was fortunate to be in the competition with some really Wonderful and Energetic people. We were able to support each other and talk each other down off of our respective ledges in a way that put down a solid foundation for working well together over the next year and beyond.

The actual competition entailed: introducing myself to people, strutting around on stage, putting my personality on display, revealing my heart in a speech, expressing my knowledge, beliefs, and ideas in the interview, and publicly displaying a bit of my kink - all while laughing, crying, calming, and spazzing with my SELF 2013 family. It was like a great big push to show everyone attending who we really are and being proud of it! An amazing practice for everyday life and life in Leather/Kink really.

I had previously heard people talk about how competing for a Title helped them learn things about themselves that they hadn't realized. With the past 5 years of my life involving both transition and an earnest start on my Leather journey, I thought I knew myself rather well. Getting to and moving through the weekend at SELF still managed to teach me a few things and I will forever be grateful."
~ Optimus, Mr. Southeast Leatherfest 2013

"Competing for a title felt a lot like being in a pressure cooker. Much of the anxiety is self created and some of it is judge created. They just want to see how you react with the weight of the community on your heart. During the competition, you think the judges hate you, but they don't. I heard the process was called "testing your mettle." But obviously, it's still difficult to be judged for who you are as a person. That said, during the competition, the best part were the conversations I had in the hallways and in the elevator... The gentle smiles and words of encouragement from the SouthEast community during the competition when I doubted myself. It was those small moments that helped me get through. I was no longer there for myself, I was there for my chosen community as well. Being on the edge of the region, I went to SELF with little to no support and knowing only a handful of people and I left with a family and a community that I absolutely love. I hope to return my gratitude and love to the SouthEast during my title year. So far, the outpouring of love has been tremendous and amazing and I look forward to all the awesome adventures the SouthEast has to offer."
~ Madeline Sparkles, Southeast Bootblack 2013

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180 Days

Titleholder Sash Fund!!!

WE HAVE SASHED: Ms SELF, SE Person of Leather, SE Master, SE slave, and SE Bootblack.  Help us raise funds to sash Mr. SELF & SELF boy!!



 What is SouthEast LeatherFest?

SELF is an adult educational, fundraising and social convention that supports lifestyles of consenting adults. We are four days of exploration, invigoration, and conversation. We are a domestic non-profit.