Master Tom and slave Linda (Master Tom deceased July 27, 2020)

Our award winners have been a couple who exemplify the Master/slave life. Those extraordinary people have been loving each other for twenty-one years. They bravely stood up and proclaimed love, obedience, mastery and marriage when these words weren’t said together in our M/s communities but were treated with suspicion. Like many M/s couples 15 years ago they heard how marriage and M/s didn’t go together. They heard how being in love wasn’t supposed to be part of a dynamic. They heard how a strong, smart, powerful slave wasn’t really taking direction and obedient to her Master.

They stood to be counted among us and educate us to dispel the myths of M/s. They did this for their community not once but twice. The first time they won the title SE Master/slave at Together in Leather. The second time, in 2009 they stepped forward to represent Masters and slaves for SELF. Having been previously vetted for the title, they accepted the challenge with such grace and dedication when their region truly needed them. Not when it was convenient for them.

The humility exhibited by this M/s couple has been a hallmark of how they have interacted with each other and others. Their educational efforts have provided generations with inspiration and possibility.

Many say the words of a slave are a reflection of the Master and provide a window into the integrity of the relationship. It was this integrity of a Master/slave relationship that they gave willingly to our communities who needed to witness a model and example of M/s at its best.

This slaves’ words in her speech when they competed for the M/s International title were:
“Being a slave for me means complete devotion, submissive surrender, but not blind submission and certainly not letting go of all limitations. As his devoted slave, I cannot hold my tongue while Master goes blindly into the dark to experience things that I know will either be bad for Him or have regrettable consequences without offering him what I see and knowing the final decision is his alone. As a human being, I have limitations. I can only trust that Master knows these limits and respects them…for He must if I am to call Him Master. He does and it is through Master I have become a completely surrendered slave who knows her slave heart.

So, what does it take to be a slave? Brains, brawn, diplomacy, strength of mind body and soul, utter devotion, complete surrender, and the stubbornness to face the one who owns you and let them know, albeit respectfully, that this may not be the correct path to take at the present time. I have found in my journey that when I completely surrendered, gave complete unwavering devotion, maintained strength of mind body and soul, and occasionally said no, my slave heart bloomed and Master was there to make sure it gets all the sunshine and dominance it needs to survive.”

It is with unmitigated joy I have the pleasure of awarding the Jack Stice Memorial Community Service Award to Master Tom and slave linda, your SE Master/slave 2009 and 2004.