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 Out of MAYHEM we learn who we are authentically.

Mayhem presented by SELF is an online interactive experience to create a little Mayhem and bring art into our socially distanced lives. Quarantine has given us a lot of time to think and explore. Mayhem will be an event to help us to unfold authentically, discover and reconnect with dormant parts of our identities, lay claim to our freedoms, and express ourselves artistically. A digital circus of delights, spectacles, and self exploration SELF invites you to get connected with us in Mayhem.


Are you ready to be moved?  Are you ready to see the artistic nature of what we do? Are you ready to experience words, visually rich invitations to step into creations which speak to how we live, how we love, and our way of being? Are you ready to feel a bit involved?

Then you're ready for Mayhem.

We are the narratives expressed in music videos, rope work, needle work, and the scope of our lives.  We're presenting performances to invite you to get in touch with who you are!  We're inviting you to overcome touch deprivation, sight deprivation, and bring more joy into your world through play, workshops, and expression.

We are telling our narratives as bootblacks, historians, riggers, dancers, writers, poets, bondage artists, aerial artists, relationship pioneers, primals-- we're giving you  words, pictures, videos, and sounds of how we transformed and inviting you into this sensually lush world.

We are the apex of creativity, kink, relationships you didn't imagine you'd be in, and expressing ourselves because Art IS Freedom!!!


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Why did SELF create Mayhem?

We believe we all need some joy. We also held our last event in 2019. Our next event is in 2022. That's three years of storage bills, software, website space, etc.  We also have to replace items we already purchased-- we were 2.5 months before event and had paid for everything.  We need to make sure we have funds to run the type of programming you expect. So let's have some fun and create a great anniversary weekend!

What do the sliding scale prices of Mayhem mean?

The pandemic has hit us all rather non-consensually. Sliding scale pricing is the opportunity to choose the amount you pay for the exact same ticket to Mayhem. We know there are members of our community facing severe financial hardship this year, and this helps us offer a less expensive ticket for those that need it.  Concurrently, there are others who may want to contribute more to help out those who are struggling. 


So how does this work? When you go to buy a ticket for Mayhem, you will be offered each of these ticket types – just choose the amount you are willing to spend. Each of them will give you the exact same access to all of the weekend’s events – the only difference is what you to contribute to the fundraising efforts.


Should we buy more than one ticket for everyone in our family/household/throuple/polycule/pairing/did you create a new word for type of relationship you are in?

In a typical year, in which we could safely hold physical events, multiple attendees in the same household would individually need to purchase tickets. However, for virtual events those in the same household can attend together with the purchase of a single ticket or Pass. In the spirit of equity and fairness, we know that some in our community would be happy to pay a little more for their tickets when they are sharing them with others in their household. We are leaving this choice up to you and your personal needs.  We know our communities are generous when able.  Enough said.


How are you using the funds you are raising?

Unfortunately bills related to SELF did not also feel the need to socially distance.  Money raised from Mayhem will be used to repurchase convention items which were purchased previously and can no longer be used, and convention operations (storage, new signage, etc.). If we are successful in our fundraising we will be supporting Leather Archives & Museum AND working on getting the Carter/Johnson Library to SELF for our anniversary. 


How may my family, organization, my business, myself, my club, my munch help by being a sponsor of Mayhem?

We're looking for sponsors for Mayhem!  Please contact Randi.  We can't tell you how much we appreciate your personal, business, and family support.  You really make SELF's community a warm, generous space where people care.