If you drive in for the day, just go to the parking window, mention SELF or SE LeatherFest, and the parking attendant will put a sticker on your ticket for the discount. At the gate, the machine will read the sticker for the discounted rate and charge you accordingly.
Anyone staying overnight, the front desk agent will place the discount on the room.
Embrace. Experience. Explore.
SELF is an educational, fundraising, and social convention that supports lifestyles and relationships of consenting adults. We are four days of exploration, invigoration, and conversation. We are a domestic non-profit. SELF is a four-day event where differing communities attend and generate something more than our individual selves or communities.

SELF provides a space to explore and strengthen your sense of many communities. We engage in alternative relationships, are LGBTQIA+, allies, advocates, and people pursuing free expression of our identities as individuals and within our relationships.
We respect individual expression and choice of our many communities. CONNECT to explore your choices, your freedoms, yourSELF, your kinks, and your relationship preferences!
Reg and Jamal
SELF is the experience that opens your heart, expands your possibilities and creates more play.
SELF is looking for Virgins! You should too!
We love people new to BDSM and leather or just new to SELF! We’re ready to welcome them and have them join in our fun! SELF welcomes new people each year and this year we want all you SELF veterans to reach out and bring a virgin, or two, or twenty with you!

To encourage Virgin welcoming we’re sweetening the deal: Each virgin you bring who is registered for the full weekend of SELF will get you 1 entry into a drawing! More virgins = more chances to win! The winner will receive: 1 SELF basic package and two nights at the host hotel (a value of $500).

Virgin Raffle Rules
2019- 2021 Titleholders