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Quazi is the beloved slave and Alpha boy of Lady Zara. He is a treasured member and guard dog of the Primal Leather Pack he calls family, Trippy and Armed. Quazi is a leatherboy that knows the meaning of hard work. The meaning of being fiercely loyal and protective of those he serves and loves. He is an associate member of Tarheel Leather Club. A tribe member of the House of Stone. And one of the Masters of Mischief and Troop leaders for the Little Leather Scout Troop 42.

New to his leather path and anxious to learn more about the leather culture, he serves as he has been taught. Joyously sharing his misadventures with his owner, like a puppy bringing home a dirty ball, proud of his accomplishments.

He’s a grown man closer to the end of his life than the beginning and he wants to make the most out of every day. He’s always interested in another chew-toy or a nice pair of heels. Living now as he could not in his misspent youth. He is a self-admitted buttercup and still cries when he sings Kiss The Girl from The Little Mermaid. He wears his heart on his sleeve and his feelings close to the surface but delicate isn’t a word that fits him. When he came into the lifestyle the bar was set high and he was noticed. He was the kind of man not to allow disrespect go unchallenged. His rules were firm, you don’t hit someone weaker that you, unless they consent.

He understands clear instruction and a purpose driven life is one that is productive. He’s a busy bee with monthly Little Leather Scout Troop 42 meetings and badges to earn. He’s striving for the goal of “unicorn” which is attained by earning 56 other badges. He wants them all and he’s willing to organize events like little’s gem mining to do it. All very organized with witnesses just to keep things honest and above board. All the badges In their proper place and checked off, if only he could find a pen. He has a pocket full of lighters, doesn’t smoke, and no pen.

He has struggles with keeping on task, acknowledges what he’s done and moves forward. He has never met a stranger and is quick to offer his back to move a table or a shoulder to lean on. He’s courteous and curious about who you are and what new neat thing you have to show him.

His exposure to leather ripped open the need to rekindle the eagerness for life he had as a young man. He knows what it is like to be lonely and ashamed of the little peeking out that made it impossible not to put ice down your back. Developing a way to embrace all facets of himself has consumed his life. He feels he is a better man for having discovered his slavery at the feet of his Goddess and Owner.

He would like to point out, that as a pony, he’ll wander off if left unattended. His Leather journey is one of hope and love and happiness and he chooses not to focus on the negative and Pollyanna his way
through life’s challenges. He is expected to be a good friend, loyal partner, and proud man. He is proud in his service to his Mistress, but has love in his heart for his pack, his tribe, his troop, and his community.