Choc Trei - 2018 - 2020 Ms. SouthEast LeatherFest

MsSELF2019WebSizeMs SELF 3 Years logo Choc Trei was recently appointed to the Board of Directors, for the National Council for Sexual Freedom ( The company she founded, 1st CFI is the SE Lead Coalition Partner with a goal of a 2019 Consent Summit. Previous community service includes Executive Director and Vice President of ONYX Pearl South East ( and Treasurer of Leather Leadership Conference. As a Hardcore Switch/Versatile, Choc founded SASS, an All-In Meet Up group with Atlanta & DC Chapters ( A past teen-age runaway and high school drop-out, Choc mentors #TNG and at risk individuals. She has earned dual undergraduate degrees in Finance/Ops Mgmt, an MBA & sports a two decade career in Finance. Choc Trei’s joy is twin girls & being the Head of a five (5) person Leather House of Color (

Choc Trei stepped down as Ms. SouthEast LeatherFest 2019 on 12/31/2020.





Sir Bradford - 2018 Mr. SouthEast LeatherFest

Mr SELF 2018 web sizeSir Bradford is a queer transman of color that proudly serves not only in our community but within the military as well. He is the Owner and husband of Girl Pixie, who enjoys living at home with their kids and pets in South Carolina. He has been active in the Southeast and has branched into the Mid-Atlantic region as well as traveling as often as he can. Sir Bradford is the Head of House of Kreatures and spends his time reading, hiking, and adventuring out into new things at home, at work, and in his kinky life. He and his girl have pledged themselves to helping the community and specifically, in making a safe space for everyone who needs one through The House of Kreatures. To reach their goal of allowing the growing generation a safe-haven to find out who they are and what path is meant for them, while having a family, Sir Bradford joined the volunteer team at The Leather Heart Foundation in 2017 as their resource manager, gathering resources to help in new and growing ways as he can. He can be found making puns at any event while volunteering and keeping everyone laughing. When he’s not at events he is working on new classes, writings, or community service projects for veterans.





SELFboy 2018 2021 v14year SouthEast LeatherFest Boy Quazi logo 2018 2019 2020 2021Quazi - 2018 - 2021 SouthEast LeatherFest boy

Quazi is the beloved slave and Alpha boy of Lady Zara. He is a treasured member and guard dog of the Primal Leather Pack he calls family, Trippy and Armed. Quazi is a leatherboy that knows the meaning of hard work. The meaning of being fiercely loyal and protective of those he serves and loves. He is an associate member of Tarheel Leather Club. A tribe member of the House of Stone. And one of the Masters of Mischief and Troop leaders for the Little Leather Scout Troop 42.

New to his leather path and anxious to learn more about the leather culture, he serves as he has been taught. Joyously sharing his misadventures with his owner, like a puppy bringing home a dirty ball, proud of his accomplishments.

He’s a grown man closer to the end of his life than the beginning and he wants to make the most out of every day. He’s always interested in another chew-toy or a nice pair of heels. Living now as he could not in his misspent youth. He is a self-admitted buttercup and still cries when he sings Kiss The Girl from The Little Mermaid. He wears his heart on his sleeve and his feelings close to the surface but delicate isn’t a word that fits him. When he came into the lifestyle the bar was set high and he was noticed. He was the kind of man not to allow disrespect go unchallenged. His rules were firm, you don’t hit someone weaker that you, unless they consent.

He understands clear instruction and a purpose driven life is one that is productive. He’s a busy bee with monthly Little Leather Scout Troop 42 meetings and badges to earn. He’s striving for the goal of “unicorn” which is attained by earning 56 other badges. He wants them all and he’s willing to organize events like little’s gem mining to do it. All very organized with witnesses just to keep things honest and above board. All the badges In their proper place and checked off, if only he could find a pen. He has a pocket full of lighters, doesn’t smoke, and no pen.

He has struggles with keeping on task, acknowledges what he’s done and moves forward. He has never met a stranger and is quick to offer his back to move a table or a shoulder to lean on. He’s courteous and curious about who you are and what new neat thing you have to show him.

His exposure to leather ripped open the need to rekindle the eagerness for life he had as a young man. He knows what it is like to be lonely and ashamed of the little peeking out that made it impossible not to put ice down your back. Developing a way to embrace all facets of himself has consumed his life. He feels he is a better man for having discovered his slavery at the feet of his Goddess and Owner.

He would like to point out, that as a pony, he’ll wander off if left unattended. His Leather journey is one of hope and love and happiness and he chooses not to focus on the negative and Pollyanna his way
through life’s challenges. He is expected to be a good friend, loyal partner, and proud man. He is proud in his service to his Mistress, but has love in his heart for his pack, his tribe, his troop, and his community.






Tidbit - 2018 SouthEast Bootblack

SELF Bootblack 2 web sizeTidbit began exploring the lifestyle in 1997. He started out as a kinkster and play slut, but has since found his home in Leather, with a firm respect for the morals, ethics, and integrity, and camaraderie that this path has brought to his life.
Formerly active in Gnosis and a former board member of TALON, tidbit pledged the Tarheel Leather Club in 2011. He has previously held the offices of President and Vice-President, and currently serves the club as the Scribe and an in-house bootblack. He is also active in MAsT Winston-Salem, a leader of the Twin City Kinksters, and Regional Representative for the Southeast region of MAsT-International. Tidbit was also honored to serve the state as the 2012 NC Bootblack. While constantly on the prowl for more to learn, he also strives to make himself available to teach anyone that's willing to listen.
Tidbit has taught classes on cigars, cigar service, sounding, and both the technical and erotic aspects of bootblacking. He is proudly owned by Mr. Wolf for the last 15 years, and together they reside in Winston-Salem, NC with their 8 adorable fur kids.





Master Blue and slave sheri - 2018 SouthEast Master and slave

SELF M s 2018 pic 2 web sizeMaster Blue’s Leather/BDSM journey started over 19 years ago. He self identifies as a male identified leather dyke. He strives to uphold the values of honor and integrity. He believes that one should never stop learning and that one should give back to the community in any way possible. Blue, as he is often referred, has been actively involved in the local, state, regional and national community in many ways. He has volunteered, served as contest Judge, presented workshops, served as tally master, and served as master of ceremonies for many events. There’s not much he won’t do for the Leather/BDSM community. Blue is Mr. SouthEast LeatherFest 2010 and Mr. North Carolina Leather 2009. He served as Board Member and Contest Coordinator for SouthEast LeatherFest for six years. Master Blue is a Founding Member and current President for the Appalachian Women of Leather (AWOL), Co-Director of MAsT Lenoir, Producer of Master slave Reflections and the east coast curator for the Leather Quilt. He is also the head of household for his leather house, La Cosa Nostra. Above all, Master Blue is the proud Owner of his schiavo, slave sheri.

slave sheri resides in Lenoir, North Carolina and has been in the Leather/BDSM community for several years. She is honored to be the collared slave of Master Blue and is a member of his leather household, La Cosa Nostra. slave sheri loves traveling to visit various leather/bdsm groups, events, and leather club bar nights across North Carolina, the South East, and various other parts of the Country. She is a full patch member, current Treasurer and Road Captain for the Appalachian Women of Leather (AWOL), Co-Director of MAsT Lenoir, Co- Producer of Master slave Reflections and the current Client Services Director for the Leather Heart Foundation. She served on the board as Public Relations Chair for SouthEast LeatherFest for 3 years. She has served as the Volunteer Coordinator and Vendor Coordinator assistant for the Leather History Conference. Outside the leather/bdsm community, slave sheri serves as a Guardian Ad Litem, volunteers for a local LGBTQ youth group and a women’s shelter. slave sheri is passionate about volunteering and education. You can usually find her helping out wherever she can during an event.




iamar Kinhawk - 2018 SouthEast Person of Leather

SELF POL 2018 web sizeiamar was introduced to the Leather community in 1996 through AOL. She joined the TIDEwater Community as a member in 1998 when it first formed as BelleIsis. She moved to Nashville, TN in 1999 and through the years renamed herself iamar after her Leather brother told her that she was like the moon which was ever changing. She had been apart of the volunteer staff in the Nashville community. She started Teases and Cakes, a support group for submissives and slaves as well as Nashville People of Color with her husband. As a volunteer for Frolicon, she expanded her role as a game room hostess to being a ceremony coordinator as well as a Primal presenter. She is a moderator for Primal Play-The Animal Within on Fetlife. She is currently a member of The Red Chair in Birmingham, AL and Voodoo Leatherworks in Colorado Springs, CO. She is a member of Onyx Pearls Mid Atlantic, and had proudly serving as Sargent of Arms for two years for the Onyx Pearls Southeast. iamar is always on the go traveling to visit the various communities in her spare time to continue her education regarding Leather, BDSM, and Kink.

UPDATE, FEBRUARY, 2019: iamar Kinhawk wins International Person of Leather at Sin in the City, Las Vegas, NV!!!

iamar IPoL 2019aI wanted to make the people of my Southeast Region proud of how I would represent us. And boy did I ever by bringing the International Title back for another year. I have a hard act to follow but I am sure going to try to keep the excitement and open door to as many people as I can. I am hoping to go to at least two countries during 2019 to promote the fellowship within our worldwide community.

iamar IPoL 2019During the competition, I found two more brothers and sisters. StrongHands_MO, 2018 Heartland Person of Leather with his wife, Redprimrose who is the current Missouri 2018 Person of Leather, were both generous and helpful to me when I needed. A very special thanks to Redprimrose who assessed and wrapped my sprain ankle at the competion. Derek and his wife, EchoSprite are a special couple that so many in our community can learn from. Derek was the 1st runner up for Rocky Mountain Rebellion Person of Leather. He stepped up to the plate to compete with less than a month to prepare. He and his wife worked as a team with amazing grace, skill, and Love. They all are what this title is about.

I am looking forward to this new adventure with a bit of fear but so much curiosity about all the other playgrounds out there.

Thank you all so much for your continuing support and outpouring love. It will keep me flying high through this year.