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6/17/17 ABizzy is holding her title of SouthEast Person of Leather for a second year! She originally hails from Hattiesburg, MS, though these days she and her poly family call Baton Rouge, LA home. She spends her days wrangling little people and their parents at her mundane service industry job, while the rest of the time, ABizzy devotes her life to her family and her leather life. She was introduced to BDSM and the leather life seven years ago when she first moved to the Baton Rouge area. That started a journey that has included participation in groups across Louisiana and Mississippi. SELF has been a big part of her leather path as well. She attended her first SELF in 2013, and received her first gifted leather from River, 2013’s SELF Boy, as he stepped down from his title in 2014. ABizzy is the co-founder and Head Little in Charge of Red Stick TNG. She and her co-leaders are dedicated to education; to that end, they plan and host regular, bi-monthly socials and munches, many with an educational topic and often with a guest speaker to bring new information to the TNG group. She and her co-leaders work closely with the leader of AbizzywinsPoL2018sizedBaton Rouge’s local dungeon RSVP to bring TNG-hosted events to the RSVP community, furthering not only TNG’s educational focus, but helping RSVP achieve their own educational goals as well. These events have fostered a solid relationship between the TNG membership and RSVP, helping both groups grow and thrive. ABizzy recently accepted a position as treasurer on the board of the new Baton Rouge Chapter of Little Scouts. And in February, she was honored to be asked to serve as Tally master at the recent resurrection of the Mr. Houston Leather contest. ABizzy is a leathergirl, babygirl, bootblack, mentor, teacher, crochet enthusiast, dog lover and rescuer, extreme couponer and Disney addict all rolled up in one adorable, dynamic package.

 UPDATE: 2/3/18 ABizzy, your SE Person of Leather 2016-2017 competed for and won International Person of Leather at Sin in the City in Las Vegas, NV. "Hello my Family! I am beyond excited to be your new International Person of Leather."