2017 MS hrMaster IceDog and slave ravyn are honored to have been awarded the title of 2017 SouthEast Master and slave.

Master IceDog has always supported those exploring and learning new things as a mentor and through friendships. Through His participation and leadership in the local lifestyle community, Master IceDog's skills have been enhanced through ever increasing roles in the various groups in which He has been involved. Educating those interested in learning more has become a passion for Him. Giving back to the community is high on Master IceDog’s priority list. Educating those who come after us is vital for a strong community, and Master IceDog is proud to share in that responsibility.

slave ravyn has spent much of the last two decades teaching and guiding others. Many of the topics on which she presents and coaches include relationship building, effective communication, stress reduction, self-regulation, finding balance, and brain development. Through these learning and teaching opportunities, slave ravyn has empowered many to grow on their personal and professional journeys. Through her Master’s support and encouragement, she has begun to share her knowledge with those in the lifestyle.