Bella and Rooks 2018

2019:  SELF cannot recommend Master Bella or slave rooks (who have changed their name to Lady Bella Price and Templara Rooks or Her rooks, as of 2020) as staff, volunteers,  judges, speakers, educators or any other capacity. SELF's history stands, Master Bella and slave rooks were awarded the title of SE Master/slave 2016. SELF agrees with the lack of confidence and withdrawal of offers made by other five other large respectable, long standing events. Their participation in SouthEast LeatherFest is not welcome. 

SELF has chosen not to remove their titles so they cannot erase their path or history by moving to a new location or into a new community of people. 



Master Bella and slave rooks are a bisexual, poly, Leather, Master/slave couple that live in on a 20 acre farm in rural Mississippi. They are active in the southern Louisiana and Gulf Coast communities.

Bella has spent the last ten years travelling and meeting lifestylers in small group settings and attending many Leather Conferences throughout the United States. She set out to bring the same education and spiritual experiences to her home community by producing Spring Fling Leather Fest and Fall Fantasy Kink Fest. She has managed several BDSM Clubs, is a founder of House Je Te Vois, founder and team member of HardPinkBDSM, president and founder of HardPink Sisterhood, and a member of Mama's Family.

slave rooks spent many of his undergraduate years as an exchange student in Germany studying Molecular Biology. He was able to freely explore his fetishes through the welcoming male rubber and leather scenes he found while living in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Leipzig. He is proud to have spent the past six years leading education and social content at Desert Dominion in Tucson, Arizona. Rooks presents on his interests in photography, latex, whips, and electrical play.

As Leatherati correspondents, Master Bella and slave rooks travel presenting and attending events across the country. slave rooks is also a photojournalist for Leatherati and documents several Leather conferences and events. Master Bella is assisting slave rooks as he begins an ongoing artistic expression - Project Leather Mosaic - a Richard Avedon inspired collection of Leatherfolk in black and white portraiture.

They look forward to sharing their Master/slave dynamic with others.