Ms Tori Jones: SouthEast Bootblack 2016
From a very early age Ms Tori knew she was not like the other people she hung around with. Searching for answers into her adulthood led her to stumble across Alt.com. Like so many others in the internet age, Tori found the sign posts pointing her in the direction to search for her answers. She was invited to attend a dungeon in Greensboro, NC in 2005, and that opened her eyes to a whole new reality.
Family issues required Ms Tori to step away from the scene for a while, but she was able to continue her education through conversations with other Dominants in the lifestyle. In March 2008 she was able to resume participating actively in her local community. Ms Tori attended educational presentations and became the student of Evil_Geoff and later his partner.
She has attended educational seminars and presentation/demos by Lady Catherine Gross, Artemis Hunter, Kim Attica, Lady D Harrison, Lady Beth, Boomer, Wayne Brawner, Master Z of Texas, Glenda Rider, Jack Rinella, Master Taino and others. She has attended SouthEast Leather Fest, North Carolina Leather Contest, South Carolina Leather contest, SouthEast Conference of Clubs and numerous groups across the Carolinas and Virginia. Ms Tori has been both a Den Mama and Judge for SCLC and Den Mama for SECC. She has also co-presented with Evil_Geoff on several topics across the Carolinas, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and Las Vegas.
Ms Tori started bootblacking years before she found BDSM or Leather. She was shining her and her late husband’s boots prior to going out dancing, as far back as 2000. It was not until she found Leather that she also learned the term bootblack. For years she performed the tasks of blacking without calling herself a bootblack. It was not until she started bootblacking at/for charity events that she started using the term in reference to herself. When she blacks at events, tips are split between the event charity and one of her own, unless otherwise specified.
In August 2011, Ms Tori was accepted as a member of The Tarheel Leather Club and was elected to two terms as the club's President, from 2012-2014, and two terms as the club Treasurer, from 2014-2016. Ms Tori has been involved with the running and/or production of Leather History Conference since the first year. In 2015, she was one of the 2 co-producers of LHC. In 2016, when the founder and producer of Leather History Conference had to step back from the event, Tori stepped up to become one of the two event producers. Ms Tori is the representative for Team Friendly NC, Triad Area. In 2016 Ms Tori also co-founded the Leather History Preservation Foundation, a registered non-profit, where she is the Executive Director. She is an ally and activist in the fight for equality.