Timothy: Mr. SouthEast LeatherFest 2016

“I am humbled, yet overwhelmed with the love and support I have experienced over the entire contest weekend. This is the beginning of a wonderful title year journey!! Bring it on…..”

got his first taste of Leather venturing into the DC Eagle in mid-1987. It wasn’t until the closing of the Charlotte Eagle that he became an active member of the community, and not just a bystander. When the Woodshed Lounge became the home bar for The Tradesmen, he met and almost immediately got involved with the best group of Leather men that you could ever know. It is through this membership and the exposure from the “inside”, that he was able to witness and experience the Structure, the Brotherhood and the Loyalty this community is based on.

In the five years, that he has been a full member, Timothy has served the Tradesmen, first as a Pledge, then as Secretary, followed by President and now as Vice President. His Club brothers honored him by appointing him as Mr. NC Leather 2013. He was honored as Tradesmen of the Year twice, for the years 2012-2013 and 2014-2015. Earlier this year, he was gifted with and presented his first piece of Leather by boy Dave Hudson at the Tradesmen’s January bar night.

In addition to the Tradesmen, Timothy volunteers at several organizations that serve our community. He is the Sign Language interpreter for R.A.I.N., where he has interpreted the program at the Charlotte AIDS Walk for the last 8 years. He is a working member at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church where he serves as a Sign Language interpreter. He is also a volunteer at Great Things and My Sister’s House. He also enjoys raising funds with the Tradesmen for The House of Mercy.

Currently residing in Charlotte, NC, Timothy is a Bartender/Manager at The Woodshed Lounge. He is also a full time student pursuing a degree as a Registered Nurse. Timothy is proud and honored to serve the Leather communities of this region and represent the southeast wherever his travels may take him as the 2015-2016 Mr. SE LeatherFest.


Tig Natious: Ms. SouthEast LeatherFest 2016

Tig Natious is a self-proclaimed child of the internet, which led her to discover the world of kink at a young age. A pansexual, polyamorous switch, she joined the North Carolina scene in 2007, then later went on to discover the world of Leather in 2011 when she had the honor of being Ms North Carolina that year. A founder of Greensboro's Kinklings and an affiliate member of Tarheel Leather Club, Tig's passions and interest run deep and varied. A proud geek of many colors, Tig has had the pleasure of being able to combine all of her interests and teach others about kink and how to do it safely.





Ms Tori Jones: SouthEast Bootblack 2016
From a very early age Ms Tori knew she was not like the other people she hung around with. Searching for answers into her adulthood led her to stumble across Alt.com. Like so many others in the internet age, Tori found the sign posts pointing her in the direction to search for her answers. She was invited to attend a dungeon in Greensboro, NC in 2005, and that opened her eyes to a whole new reality.
Family issues required Ms Tori to step away from the scene for a while, but she was able to continue her education through conversations with other Dominants in the lifestyle. In March 2008 she was able to resume participating actively in her local community. Ms Tori attended educational presentations and became the student of Evil_Geoff and later his partner.
She has attended educational seminars and presentation/demos by Lady Catherine Gross, Artemis Hunter, Kim Attica, Lady D Harrison, Lady Beth, Boomer, Wayne Brawner, Master Z of Texas, Glenda Rider, Jack Rinella, Master Taino and others. She has attended SouthEast Leather Fest, North Carolina Leather Contest, South Carolina Leather contest, SouthEast Conference of Clubs and numerous groups across the Carolinas and Virginia. Ms Tori has been both a Den Mama and Judge for SCLC and Den Mama for SECC. She has also co-presented with Evil_Geoff on several topics across the Carolinas, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and Las Vegas.
Ms Tori started bootblacking years before she found BDSM or Leather. She was shining her and her late husband’s boots prior to going out dancing, as far back as 2000. It was not until she found Leather that she also learned the term bootblack. For years she performed the tasks of blacking without calling herself a bootblack. It was not until she started bootblacking at/for charity events that she started using the term in reference to herself. When she blacks at events, tips are split between the event charity and one of her own, unless otherwise specified.
In August 2011, Ms Tori was accepted as a member of The Tarheel Leather Club and was elected to two terms as the club's President, from 2012-2014, and two terms as the club Treasurer, from 2014-2016. Ms Tori has been involved with the running and/or production of Leather History Conference since the first year. In 2015, she was one of the 2 co-producers of LHC. In 2016, when the founder and producer of Leather History Conference had to step back from the event, Tori stepped up to become one of the two event producers. Ms Tori is the representative for Team Friendly NC, Triad Area. In 2016 Ms Tori also co-founded the Leather History Preservation Foundation, a registered non-profit, where she is the Executive Director. She is an ally and activist in the fight for equality.





Bella and Rooks 2018

2019:  SELF cannot recommend Master Bella or slave rooks (who have changed their name to Lady Bella Price and Templara Rooks or Her rooks, as of 2020) as staff, volunteers,  judges, speakers, educators or any other capacity. SELF's history stands, Master Bella and slave rooks were awarded the title of SE Master/slave 2016. SELF agrees with the lack of confidence and withdrawal of offers made by other five other large respectable, long standing events. Their participation in SouthEast LeatherFest is not welcome. 

SELF has chosen not to remove their titles so they cannot erase their path or history by moving to a new location or into a new community of people. 



Master Bella and slave rooks are a bisexual, poly, Leather, Master/slave couple that live in on a 20 acre farm in rural Mississippi. They are active in the southern Louisiana and Gulf Coast communities.

Bella has spent the last ten years travelling and meeting lifestylers in small group settings and attending many Leather Conferences throughout the United States. She set out to bring the same education and spiritual experiences to her home community by producing Spring Fling Leather Fest and Fall Fantasy Kink Fest. She has managed several BDSM Clubs, is a founder of House Je Te Vois, founder and team member of HardPinkBDSM, president and founder of HardPink Sisterhood, and a member of Mama's Family.

slave rooks spent many of his undergraduate years as an exchange student in Germany studying Molecular Biology. He was able to freely explore his fetishes through the welcoming male rubber and leather scenes he found while living in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Leipzig. He is proud to have spent the past six years leading education and social content at Desert Dominion in Tucson, Arizona. Rooks presents on his interests in photography, latex, whips, and electrical play.

As Leatherati correspondents, Master Bella and slave rooks travel presenting and attending events across the country. slave rooks is also a photojournalist for Leatherati and documents several Leather conferences and events. Master Bella is assisting slave rooks as he begins an ongoing artistic expression - Project Leather Mosaic - a Richard Avedon inspired collection of Leatherfolk in black and white portraiture.

They look forward to sharing their Master/slave dynamic with others.






ABizzy: SouthEast Person of Leather 2016

ABizzy originally hails from Hattiesburg, MS, though these days she and her poly family call Baton Rouge, LA home. She spends her days wrangling little people and their parents at her mundane service industry job, while the rest of the time, ABizzy devotes her life to her family and her leather life. She was introduced to BDSM and the leather life seven years ago when she first moved to the Baton Rouge area. That started a journey that has included participation in groups across Louisiana and Mississippi. SELF has been a big part of her leather path as well. She attended her first SELF in 2013, and received her first gifted leather from River, 2013’s SELF Boy, as he stepped down from his title in 2014. ABizzy is the co-founder and Head Little in Charge of Red Stick TNG. She and her co-leaders are dedicated to education; to that end, they plan and host regular, bi-monthly socials and munches, many with an educational topic and often with a guest speaker to bring new information to the TNG group. She and her co-leaders work closely with the leader of Baton Rouge’s local dungeon RSVP to bring TNG-hosted events to the RSVP community, furthering not only TNG’s educational focus, but helping RSVP achieve their own educational goals as well. These events have fostered a solid relationship between the TNG membership and RSVP, helping both groups grow and thrive. ABizzy recently accepted a position as treasurer on the board of the new Baton Rouge Chapter of Little Scouts. And in February, she was honored to be asked to serve as Tally master at the recent resurrection of the Mr. Houston Leather contest. ABizzy is a leathergirl, babygirl, bootblack, mentor, teacher, crochet enthusiast, dog lover and rescuer, extreme couponer and Disney addict all rolled up in one adorable, dynamic package.