“It hasn’t sunken in yet. It’s still so surreal. I’m honored and a bit dumb founded.”

Autumn: SouthEast Person of Leather 2015

first encountered kink seven years ago. After a few staggered years of awkwardness the incorrigible brat officially entered the kink scene at large four years ago. The sassy little darling hasn’t looked back since.

Autumn co-hosted demos and play parties for a little over two years. The undeniably adorable switch has also attended conventions and been a demo dolly as well. Autumn continues to strive to learn as much as possible about the kink community and Leather. This was Autumn’s first competition. The endearingly naïve troublemaker will represent the SouthEast and show what a great amount of diversity SELF has to offer. ^.^

Stuff it gender specific pronouns!

 2018 Update: Hi folks!

So, you want to know what I’ve been up to, eh? Well, all you had to do was ask! Since my title year, I have done A LOT of traveling. I have had the privilege of working with multiple vendors, traveling this gorgeous country, and selling all manner of wonderfully perverse and lovely things to you degenerate kinksters. :P

While I was on that crazy trek I got to present classes, judge contests, volunteer, meet some pretty incredible people, indulge in new things, have some wild adventures, and learn a lot about myself! I will be the first person to say that the experiences I had during those times were definitely some of the best moments of my life thus far. After traveling over almost 500,000 miles since I became a titleholder in 2015, I made the decision to take a step back and take some time for myself.

So, I only plan to attend a few events this year, but don’t you worry! I will keep presenting, judging, vending, volunteering, and being an active part of the Leather community. I just also need to take some time to spend with my amazing fur babies, my chosen family, and with myself. I’m going to ramp my travels back up within the next year or two. Until then, I look forward to seeing you all when I’m out and about. As always, I love and adore each and every one of you, I ALWAYS want you to come up and speak to me, and I hope that you and yours are doing well until we meet again. <3

In Love and Leather--Your 2015 SEPoL,


Some of her accomplishments: 

a. She traveled over 24,500 miles
b. She raised over $8,000
c. She attended 21 events
d. She volunteered over 200 hours
e. She gave 47 presentations