“What an amazing ride! The support and love from our community was humbling, to say the least. Thank you so much.”

Jennifer: Ms. SouthEast LeatherFest 2015

calls Monroe, NC her home. Some people use the labels kinky, poly, bisexual switch to define themselves however she prefers energy whore and how your energy relates to hers determines which hat you get. In addition to being a full patch member of Appalachian Women of Leather, supporting many leather clubs and events and raising money for various organizations, most of her free time is spent presenting on her two favorite mediums, blood and rope, or chilling out with family and friends.


2018 Update:

You know those platitudes that we all hate: everything happens for a reason or when one door closes, another one opens... they suck hearing when you are going through things but hindsite, they are absolutely true.
So my life for the last two years has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster and yet for each bad/sad/ughhh event amazing things happened.

My heart was broken and yet.. I finally embraced some hard truths and started working on hugging my inner child. That work prepared me for a war I had no idea I was going to fight. It also gave me the opportunity to be alone for the first time in a very long time and to focus on me and my wants and needs and what I want my future to look like and so I am extremely grateful for the end.

I finished phase A of school and thought I would get a job and just settle for my year off. Wrong. I was recruited heavily for two very different positions that I loved for different reasons and as opposed to choosing, I took both. Truth serum: I am more afraid of success than failure and tend to turn my own damn light off because mediocre and failure are old sweaters(hard truths embraced, I am an ACOA). I was very successful in both and just recently gave up the a.m. job because: school starts in May!

My sperm donor decided to get clean. It became a war trying to get him the benefits he deserved. Through the 7 months I gave my inner child her voice and allowed her something most people don't get the opportunity for: I spoke my truths and while they fell on deaf ears more healing occurred. I spent 7 months advocating for a man I don't really like as a human because of my fundamental beliefs and realized exactly how much of a badass warrior I actually am. He is safe in his forever home and my mirror is clean.

So what is in store for me?
I start a bridge program in May so in 14 months I will be a RN.
I still do a little volunteering here and there though my events are limited due to work and school. IMsLBB to support Tig, SELF and ABW are probably the only certain ones I am attending this year.
My kid graduates and heads off to school.
I have a potential...maybe.. ya know..
The doors closed, the windows opened.
Still I rise.
Ms SELF 2015


Some of her accomplishments include: 

a. She marched in 3 pride parades: Savannah, GA, Columbia, SC, and NYC, NY
b. She organized and developed 1 personal fundraiser: Carnival of Madness: a Night of Burlesque and raised $2,340.
c. She co-organized 3 fundraisers with her club, Appalachian Women of Leather to support suicide prevention, the AIDS walk Charlotte and Time Out Youth to raise almost $3,000
d. She attended 4 fundraisers, 7 regional events, 4 runs, and too many bar nights to count.
e. She taught in multiple states: NC, Maryland, New York, South Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, California, Texax Louisiana, Tennessee to name a few
f. She was interviewed by Kinky Cast podcast
g. She traveled close to 30,000 miles