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slave pat: Ms. SouthEast LeatherFest 2014

"Ms SELF 2014, slave pat's journey has been focused on service. She became active in the community about 2006 and spent much time volunteering for numerous fund raisers sponsored by the House of Decorum Humanitarion Organization which is run by Master Jan. She also learned much from that amazing Leather Family. Slave pat's passions are service and protocol, and knew almost immediately that her's was the life of a slave. She began this journey much later in life and is positive that without this life she would be at home sitting in a rocking chair watching reruns of Lawrence Welk and Gunsmoke instead of climbing on her motorcycle and taking off for parts unknown, or taking the initiative to find out who she is. The BDSM community started out to be that of kink and evolved very quickly to Leather where she embraces truth, honesty, respect and loyalty. Slave pat also realizes that the Leather Lifestyle is much more than just a lifestyle it is where her spirituality lives. Slave pat is looking forward to working with her title family to making this an outstanding year and looking forward to SELF 2014!"

2018 Update: There were so many things that began to change in my life almost immediately after I received my title as 2014 Ms. SELF. I traveled a lot my title year within my region and outside my region. I was received warmly wherever I went. There was so much to learn that year. I learned about myself, about my community, about friends and family and even about my professional life.

I would have an experience and could somehow notice that “if” I would have had that experience prior to having held my title I would not have handled it the same way. I now had a responsibility and a confidence that I not only represented myself, but I represented the whole southeast region. I also know that I would not have had the same experiences I had if I had not been Ms. SELF.

Before my title year ended I was collared and became the property of Master Patricia from AZ. She has encouraged me, guided me, and inspired me to continue to grow. Some of that growth has been painful but every bit of it has been exciting and rewarding.

This is an update of what has been going on in my life since my title year ended in 2014. In an attempt to become our authentic selves we both began to use our name Patricia. I took it a step farther and with Master's permission changed my last name to DeZor. I did not want to keep my married name and did not want to use my maiden name so we are now both Patricia DeZor. I continued to be part of the faculty of Butchmanns Experience. This is a weekend event where I get to serve the Instructors (Master Patricia being one of those instructors) other faculty and attendees in whatever way is needed. This is a very rewarding weekend as it is a way that I can contribute to others who are doing their own work, simply by being present. I try to be available to continue to serve my community in whatever way is needed.

In May of 2017, I had the fortune to leave my job in SC and move to Tucson, AZ so that I could serve Master Patricia 24/7. This has been one of the happiest and most rewarding years of my life. I have been able to go to work part-time which affords me time to serve as She desires.

This year Master Patricia has tasked the slave to assist her in putting on a bootblack contest along with the Southwest Person of Leather that Master produces. This is very exciting as well as scary as this is out of my scope of practice. I know bootblacking and will be seen doing some of that locally again but assisting in putting on a bootblack contest is a huge responsibility. Watch for Baja Bootblack Contest in October as part of Behind Closed Doors in Tucson AZ.

I am excited to be attending Edgewalkers, which will take place between the time this is posted and the time I see you all at SELF, 2018.

Sending love to all and looking forward to seeing you all soon.

slave patricia 2014 Ms. SELF


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