boy River: SouthEast LeatherFest Boy 2013

boy riverboy River is a gay man, Leatherboy, boot black, submissive, and sadomasochist. He is an active member and volunteer at the Mark by CPI in Nashville; he couldn't ask for a better family. His journey into BDSM and Leather began in the Fall of 2011. He has been blessed in meeting amazing people all over the country who teach him more every day. They have given him the knowledge and opportunities to succeed; he couldn't have pushed himself without them. He's currently working on his Master's in psychology with emphasis on sex, gender, and reproduction. His goal for his future career is to be a counselor for adults who identify on the LGBTQI spectrum and those who participate in BDSM, Leather, Polyamorous, fetish, and swinger lifestyles. He firmly believes that advocacy through education is the future of enhancing rights for our communities. He loves intelligent and open discussions about Leather, BDSM, sex, gender, and psychology.