Madeline Sparkles: Southeast Bootblack 2013

This femme leatherwoman was initially inspired by a dear friend and honeybadger, Mercat, and got hooked on bootblacking and the leather community more than a year ago doing lots of private bootblacking and also public bootblacking at Black Rose XXV, Dark Odyssey Winterfire 2013, and Frolicon 2013. While she has no formal bootblack mentor, her bootblack skills comes from a community of bootblacks to include bootblack titleholders from the MidAtlantic and the Southeast and particularly from friends, such as Mercat and boyAndersen. She is proud to be a pledge for the LeHigh Valley Girls of Leather. Her other interests include kinbaku, fireplay, honey beekeeping, pitbull rescue and international women's health issues. Give her a hank of rope and she'll happily tie you up, tie you down or give you wings to fly.