Madeline Sparkles: Southeast Bootblack 2013

This femme leatherwoman was initially inspired by a dear friend and honeybadger, Mercat, and got hooked on bootblacking and the leather community more than a year ago doing lots of private bootblacking and also public bootblacking at Black Rose XXV, Dark Odyssey Winterfire 2013, and Frolicon 2013. While she has no formal bootblack mentor, her bootblack skills comes from a community of bootblacks to include bootblack titleholders from the MidAtlantic and the Southeast and particularly from friends, such as Mercat and boyAndersen. She is proud to be a pledge for the LeHigh Valley Girls of Leather. Her other interests include kinbaku, fireplay, honey beekeeping, pitbull rescue and international women's health issues. Give her a hank of rope and she'll happily tie you up, tie you down or give you wings to fly. 




boy River: SouthEast LeatherFest Boy 2013

boy riverboy River is a gay man, Leatherboy, boot black, submissive, and sadomasochist. He is an active member and volunteer at the Mark by CPI in Nashville; he couldn't ask for a better family. His journey into BDSM and Leather began in the Fall of 2011. He has been blessed in meeting amazing people all over the country who teach him more every day. They have given him the knowledge and opportunities to succeed; he couldn't have pushed himself without them. He's currently working on his Master's in psychology with emphasis on sex, gender, and reproduction. His goal for his future career is to be a counselor for adults who identify on the LGBTQI spectrum and those who participate in BDSM, Leather, Polyamorous, fetish, and swinger lifestyles. He firmly believes that advocacy through education is the future of enhancing rights for our communities. He loves intelligent and open discussions about Leather, BDSM, sex, gender, and psychology.


Flossie: Ms. Southeast Leatherfest 2013

flossieBFlossie is honored to be Ms SouthEast LeatherFest 2013 and has been active in the community since early 2007, when she attended her very first trip to 1763 and met a Master whom she served as a slave for a year.
She volunteers at several community events in the Southeast and also assists local groups when she can.

She has attended many classes, and learned from many individuals in the community. She believes you can learn something positive from almost anyone. She loves and promotes the sensuality, sexuality, and energy of play. Some of her favorite things to do are: Florentine, singletails, needle play, foot worship, takedowns, and hands-on spankings.

Her favorite saying "I don't care what you are! Male Female or anywhere in between, if you got a hole I got something for you"

I have had a blast this year so far, I have been out and about as much as possible and plan on getting to each state in the SouthEast. This is the events I have been to so far this year and I have had a blast at each and every one of them!

Flossie 20182018 Update: Since my title year as Ms SouthEastLeatherFest 2013, I have been busy busy busy. Most times you can find me at a local leather run or a bar night still cruising, fucking, fisting and cumming my way around the Southeast! I also spend my time still helping the community in a variety of areas from security, den mama, judge’s assistant, judge, jello shot seller, handler, fund raising, and about anything in between. I received my cover presented to me by my community in 2017 and that was one of the highlights of my life. I still can’t thank you all enough. I was shocked and blessed to have so many of my leather family there. I am blessed with two homes my home that I share with my very supportive fiancé Troy who has been there for me through everything good and bad and my leather club Columbia Leather Order. They are my family! I have always considered myself “just a Top” and am very proud to be “just a top”. Recently though I have been exploring a romantic D/s relationship and have found a new part of me with a wonderful boy.

My title year taught me many things

  • Spend time at the events that speak to your heart,
  • Love everyone and be kind even when they don’t deserve it,
  • Always keep learning and trying new things,
  • Change is good and needed,
  • Lady Catherine is an amazing woman who supported me through the entire year and beyond,
  • Don’t burn yourself out, take time for family and yourself,
  • Have all the fun a year is a really short time to hold a title you will miss it.


Optimus: Mr. Southeast Leatherfest 2013

Optimus, as in Optimus Prime, is a proud LeatherMan and self-identified TransMan, originally from Atlanta, Georgia. Optimus is a Full Brother of the Men of ONYX, currently serving as President of ONYX Southeast. Optimus is also an ordained Reverend thereby serving not only the Leather Community, but also the community at large. It is the Honesty, Integrity, and Love found in the Leather Community that has captivated and nourishes Optimus as he continues to discover himself on this journey of Life in Leather. Optimus could not be all that He is without his Primary Partner, Israel, his Daddy, Mufasa, and His boy Spec (pronounced spesh).