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OB: Mr. SELF 2012

OB is Mr. SouthEastLeatherFest (SELF) 2012 and as the face of Owhips he was recently honored with the Pantheon Of Leather’s Business Person of the Year Award for 2012. He is a genderqueer Dominant leatherdyke Daddy, which to some people sounds like a contradiction in terms. OB has spent over a dozen years working within the community and learning everything he could. He continually sponsors events and gives to charities within the community as well. His loves are whips, talking about gender and leather, adoring grrls and girls and being served and educating others on those subjects. 

 2018 Update: What’s happening with me? Well SELF gave me the confidence to run for American Leatherwoman and I WON! I had a lot of help from Catherine Gross and many others, and I will always be grateful for that, always.

I sold my whip vending business in 2014 and my wife Angel Hamm (Propps) and I retired to Florida the same year. We’re not as active as we used to be but we’ve done some cool things over the years. I got to teach at CAPEX, judge at a few small cons, attend the Tarheels run and a few bar nights even though we moved to Florida. In 2017 we were speakers at Leather History Preservation Weekend. We go to WILL every chance we get and SELF—always. Oh yeah, I won the Pantheon Award for Business Person of the Year too. That was amazing.

We’re what Angel calls semi-retired. We go where we feel the most at home these days, having left behind the crazy schedule that vending while being a titleholder gave us. I don’t sell whips anymore but if you want a piece of the white sand paradise, I’m here for you!