Angel Propps: Ms. SouthEast LeatherFest 2011 


Angel Propps is a femme leatherdyke who works as the manager of a gentlemen's club, a position held by few women. She greatly enjoys her travels to various lifestyle related events and conferences with her genderqueer partner Sir OB and the growth and knowledge she finds in the lifestyle. She is an avid advocate for the homeless and disadvantaged. She is also a prolific writer whose fiction, nonfiction and poetry has been accepted into the Xcite anthologies Bad Girl's Sweet Kiss, Power Play, Sex At Work and Kinky Girls as well as the Ravenous Romance anthology Sugar and Spice and the Sex and Food; Tales From The Erotic Feast anthology edited by Susannah Indigo. She can be found in the Sentinel Literary, Masters Of Horror Damned If You Don't, Sinisterotica, Psyche Corrupted, Soup Of Souls, Coming Out, Dear Sister and The Woman I Have Become anthologies and the magazines Conceit, House Of Horror, Blackheart, and Down In The Dirt, among others. She can be read online at Microhorror, Flashes In The Dark, Every Night Erotica, Gay Authors and Southern Grit and her collection of horror Nightsongs Of The South will be released later this year on an indie press. She was recently invited to contribute to and is part of the 2011 International Miss Leather Seduction Team in San Francisco.

Angel 20182018 Update: So, 7 years ago…wait. It’s been 7 YEARS? Holy shit!

7 years ago I stood on a stage and told a whole bunch of people I could be a titleholder. And they believed me! It was the craziest thing I’d ever done, and it’s still one of my best and happiest memories.

So, what’s been happening with me?

Well. I completed my year as Women’s International Leather Legacy in 2013. In 2014 OB and I sold the vending company we were so happy and proud to have been a part of and moved to Florida’s Panhandle. Since we had done a con or munch or party nearly every day of the week for close to 3 years straight, it was a good thing. Burnout is real and I highly recommend that you stop and take a step back if you feel a case of it coming on.

I taught BDSM panels at romance writers cons until about 2015 when the boinking billionaire bubble finally burst and I no longer felt the need to explain to wannabe EL Jameses that yeah…consent is a real thing.

Let me see….I was a Finalist for the John Preston short story award, won the Pauline Reage Novel award, and had a play go into (a very short) production in NYC. (That play featured dildos, handcuffs, a Christmas tree, a coop board, and a pissed off former suburbanite-turned city dweller, which just proves that I can put kink into anything, even Christmas). Over the last few years I’ve turned my focus away from lifestyle writings and toward more mainstream things. Sorry I sold out but hey, the money’s better and the audience doesn’t carry whips. So there’s that.

We’re still around occasionally teaching and judging (in both official and non-official capacities.) and attending the events nearest and dearest to our hearts—and SELF always makes that cut, because it’s our home, in every way.