Master Dan and slave Melissa: SouthEast Master/slave 2011

Bio: Dan and Melissa have been living together outside of Charlotte for 23 months in a 24/7 Master / slave relationship. Dan started on his leather journey in 1994 when a friend took him to a leather bar for the first time. Melissa stumbled across leather and M/s in 2004 while living in Oregon. A twist of fate had them meeting in 2005 and remaining friends until New Years Eve 2008 when Dan decided it was time for them to quit fighting fate and just be together. They travel extensively to both leather / kink events and many vanilla destinations, love hook-pulls, white water rafting, and having as much fun as possible.

Visit their page to hear the speeches they gave at SPLF 2012.



EjayMrSELF2011 Ejay: Mr SouthEast LeatherFest 2011

His bio: EJay Session aka “Uncle EJay” is a native of Los Angeles, California. He left Los Angeles in 1991 to continue his education at Morehouse College in Atlanta, and has made Atlanta his home ever since.  His leather life began in Los Angeles at the age of 18, but did not truly develop until his former partner introduced him to the Sanctuary Family in 1995. It was at this time, his journey into the leather community began.

In 1998, EJay found yet another outlet to explore the community that he now called family. He joined, Onyx, a national organization for men of color, an organization that was founded in Chicago in 1995. In 2004, after several years of being a full associate of Onyx EJay joined with four others and founded the Southeast chapter of Onyx.

For the past 12 years, since joining Onyx, his mission has been to educate people about the leather community, whether it be one or one hundred. In 1999, Onyx was invited to host a seminar titled: “People of Color in Leather.” The seminar became one of the largest attended seminars during Atlanta’s Gay Black Pride Weekend. Due to the success of the People of Color In Leather seminars, Onyx was asked by the International Mr. Leather committee to begin hosting the seminar, during the International Mr. Leather Weekend.  EJay was a presenter, and participant in the panel discussions and demos.

Ejay’s personal philosophy is: “Giving Back Begins With Me” In 2010, he decided to put this philosophy into practice by volunteering to recruit men and women for the LifeForward program, a program sponsored by Emory University to recruit men and women to participate in the HIV clinical trials program.

Throughout the years, not only has EJay been involved in the leather community, he was a semi professional D.J., performing at several venues in the Atlanta area, most notably, Phase I in Decatur. Described by some as a big kid at heart, most Saturday’s EJay can be found at Six Flags Over Georgia, exploring his passion for rollercoasters and amusement parks or playing Sim based computer games. However, his greatest passion is cooking.  Ejay attended the Art Institute of Atlanta in 1998, and still continues baking cakes as a hobby and side business.

Ejay believes that life is a journey, not a destination, and as a “switch” EJay has had the opportunity to explore many fetishes including spanking, whipping, flogging, fireplay, cigarplay, fisting, bondage, wax, sensory play, cbt, nipple play, hoods, gags and gloves.  He states that his favorite toy is a boar bristle wooden hairbrush. Extremely effective, easy to handle and you can still brush look good in the dungeon. 

boy Dave: SouthEast Bootblack 2011


His bio: 
boy dave is a single 42 year old gay male from Charlotte, North Carolina. boy dave identifies as both boy and slave. he has been in the lifestyle since the fall of 2001. he enjoys bondage, wax play, cigars, body punching, boots, boots and more boots. he  is open for discussion about other activities within the lifestyle. dave’s focus is on service and teaching. he served on staff for Together In Leather and has served as contestant coordinator for both Together In Leather and South West Leather Conference in 2004 and 2005. dave has presented  several workshops on service and polyamoruous  relationships for local and regional groups  over the last several years. dave also served as Judge for SWLC’s US Daddy/boy contest in 2006 and SWLC’s Bootblack contest in 2011.  In July of 2004, dave won the title of South East Leatherboy. dave became a full member of the Tradesmen, Charlotte’s Levi/Leather club in July of 2006. dave served as Tradesmen Secretary 2007-2008, Vice President 2008-2009, Road Captain 2009-2010, Vice President 2010-2011 and President 2011-2012. dave was also named Tradesmen of the Year for 2010-2011. dave won the South East Bootblack contest at SouthEast LeatherFest in June 2011.

2018boy dave2018 Update:  For those of you who might not know boy dave, his presence at SELF goes back many years. SELF was actually his first large leather event in 2003. He has only missed a few SELF’s since. He was your South East Leatherboy 2004, South East Bootblack 2011, and your American Leatherboy 2014. You haven’t seen dave in a while. he’s been rather busy and has had to cut back on attending events. he’s currently enrolled in a doctoral program and is expected to graduate in the Spring of 2019…the has taken a lot of his time over the last 18 months. In addition, he is a founding member of the Queen City Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence of the Abbey of Charlotte Von Mecklenburg. He’s glad to be returning to SELF for 2018 and can’t wait to see old friends, family, and to make some new ones too!!


Angel Propps: Ms. SouthEast LeatherFest 2011 


Angel Propps is a femme leatherdyke who works as the manager of a gentlemen's club, a position held by few women. She greatly enjoys her travels to various lifestyle related events and conferences with her genderqueer partner Sir OB and the growth and knowledge she finds in the lifestyle. She is an avid advocate for the homeless and disadvantaged. She is also a prolific writer whose fiction, nonfiction and poetry has been accepted into the Xcite anthologies Bad Girl's Sweet Kiss, Power Play, Sex At Work and Kinky Girls as well as the Ravenous Romance anthology Sugar and Spice and the Sex and Food; Tales From The Erotic Feast anthology edited by Susannah Indigo. She can be found in the Sentinel Literary, Masters Of Horror Damned If You Don't, Sinisterotica, Psyche Corrupted, Soup Of Souls, Coming Out, Dear Sister and The Woman I Have Become anthologies and the magazines Conceit, House Of Horror, Blackheart, and Down In The Dirt, among others. She can be read online at Microhorror, Flashes In The Dark, Every Night Erotica, Gay Authors and Southern Grit and her collection of horror Nightsongs Of The South will be released later this year on an indie press. She was recently invited to contribute to Leatherati.com and is part of the 2011 International Miss Leather Seduction Team in San Francisco.

Angel 20182018 Update: So, 7 years ago…wait. It’s been 7 YEARS? Holy shit!

7 years ago I stood on a stage and told a whole bunch of people I could be a titleholder. And they believed me! It was the craziest thing I’d ever done, and it’s still one of my best and happiest memories.

So, what’s been happening with me?

Well. I completed my year as Women’s International Leather Legacy in 2013. In 2014 OB and I sold the vending company we were so happy and proud to have been a part of and moved to Florida’s Panhandle. Since we had done a con or munch or party nearly every day of the week for close to 3 years straight, it was a good thing. Burnout is real and I highly recommend that you stop and take a step back if you feel a case of it coming on.

I taught BDSM panels at romance writers cons until about 2015 when the boinking billionaire bubble finally burst and I no longer felt the need to explain to wannabe EL Jameses that yeah…consent is a real thing.

Let me see….I was a Finalist for the John Preston short story award, won the Pauline Reage Novel award, and had a play go into (a very short) production in NYC. (That play featured dildos, handcuffs, a Christmas tree, a coop board, and a pissed off former suburbanite-turned city dweller, which just proves that I can put kink into anything, even Christmas). Over the last few years I’ve turned my focus away from lifestyle writings and toward more mainstream things. Sorry I sold out but hey, the money’s better and the audience doesn’t carry whips. So there’s that.

We’re still around occasionally teaching and judging (in both official and non-official capacities.) and attending the events nearest and dearest to our hearts—and SELF always makes that cut, because it’s our home, in every way.