Sir Top and slave Bonnie: SouthEast Master/slave 2007


June 14-17, 2007          BASH, FL  24/7 Journey, Blood Sports Gone Wild-Workshops

June 24, 2007               SPICE, FL  Summary for members about title

July 20, 2007               WOLF, FL  Dominant After Care Workshop

Aug 11, 2007               LAC, FL SummerFEST: Kinky Relationship Kamp

Aug 24-25, 2007          Winter Haven, FL Power Women Weekend Fund Raiser

Sept 28-30, 2007        Beyond Vanilla Dallas, TX

Oct 11-14, 2007          DomCon Atlanta, GA

Nov 2-4, 2007             Kinky Kollege, Ill

Jan  11-13, 2008         SouthWest Leather Conference  Phoenix, AZ

Feb 22-24, 2008           South Plains Dallas, TX

May 24-25, 2008        Fetish Factory - Fl

June 13-15, 2008         SouthEast Leatherfest Atlanta, GA

Post SELF Events:

Summer Bash – NY  July 11-13 The Floating World - NJ Aug 15-17 Great Lakes Leather - Ind Aug 22-24 Viperfest - St Augustine, FL Sept 19 -21 Black Rose - Wash DC Oct 31-Nov 2

  Columns May 7, 2008

Although it has only been 3 months since we posted a journal we wanted to take this time to share how wonderful life is, the outpouring community support everyone has shown and the title growth we have been lucky to journey into. This has been an amazing ride and even though our title year is almost over, we have only just begun.

We have been to 10+ events during our title year so far to educate hundreds on Master/slave relationships as we see it to be a success and need in our life. We have been both excited to see people have that “ah ha” moment and humbled by this wonderful experience.  Educating and sharing our life experiences, our strengths and understanding of the M/s dynamic always reverses and comes back to us with amazing growth that as I type this, it brings a tear to my eyes.

Another very important part of our goal was to help unite South Florida back into the South East region with pride, commitment and educational tools to help grow with and also heal the area.  Being part of a community that has been so fragmented for years was upsetting at best and we put a plan in motion to put ourselves out there financially, mind, body, soul and spirit. To help fulfill our dream of what the title also inspired in us, Sir Top and I created an event called Beyond Leather and set our plan in motion to help strengthen the South East region.

In April this event Beyond Leather took place and blew our minds away with over 330 in attendance all laughing, sharing, learning, growing and playing together.  There were people from every fragmented group coming together to share in this lifestyle pleasure.  We saw members from all over the south east region and the entire nation came together to show their support. Another one of our goals for our title as the South East region Master and slave was coming together.

As we move forward in 2008 we have put together our schedule so you can follow us around the nation continuing our journey after we step down at SELF in Atlanta June 13th to educate so many others about how we feel this dynamic helps to fulfill your hearts passion.

We want to thank each and every one of you who believed in us enough to honor us with this title.

In life and leather, Sir Top and slave bonnie Your SE Master/slave 2007 titleholders January 15, 2008 Hello Everyone,      Things have been crazy.  Sir Top broke her foot and so we have slowed down a little this last quarter.  We are in full preparation for Southplains leatherfest where we will be competing for the International Master/slave title Feb. 22 in Dallas.     Last November we attended Kinky Kollege and bonnie unvieled her new class titled Aftercare for the Masters/Dominants.  We were the last class of the event and yet we were packed.  The class was so very well received and bonnie did a great hands on demo for all to practice.  I was the demo bottom and trust me, it was ok with me to be on the receiving end of that great massage and pressure point treatment. 

     bonnie bought me a cruise for my birthday so Dec. 8th, we set sail to the Eastern Carribean.  It was a wonderful 7 days at sea.  She also treated me to some alone time with my younger sister as we had never vacationed together.  We ended up with a party of 9 going with us.  Had a great time and took some time off from the hectic pace of everyday life.     In December we attended the Christmas party of the local S. Fl. group, SPICE.  We had a fantastic time.  The place was decorated perfectly and we enjoyed talking about the upcoming contest at Southplains.  The local community has stepped forward and rallied around our title journey and several people will be joining us at Southplains to attend the event and help us prepare for the contest. (you know bonnie needs help with her clothes).  Our speeches are in order and we have sent off the contest application.  The excitement is really building.

     We also attended the LAC holiday party and what a crowd they had there.  Wonderful people all having such a great time.  They had casino night and I did great on the black jack table.  This was a great fund raiser and we won two baskets to use in our efforts to raise money for our travel fund.  LAC has been a great supporter for us throughout our title period.      We had no idea holding a title could be so fulfilling.  We have met and done things that we probably would not have ever thought to do.  The people at all the events have been so receptive and have extended their graciousness to us in ways we had never imagined.  We love to teach and with that it helps us to stay strong as a M/s couple.  Everytime we teach a class and someone comes to us after the class to let us know how much they got out of it and how it will help their relationship to grow, we feel a sense of accomplishment that makes any thought of how much work it has been just disppear.  It does take a tremendous amount of time and energy to fulfill a title but well worth it. Our producer, Catherine Gross, has gone over every detail with us for the contest in Feb. so we feel we are very prepared and that our support from the SELF staff at the event will be a tremendous help.

We are very much looking forward to bringing home the International title and extending our travel to national levels as well as keeping up with our local committments. Our 2008 schedule is filling up nicely.  We would also like to encourage an enthusiastic couple to take our place as the 2008 S.E. Master/slave titleholders as we will be doing our step down at SELF June 13th-15th.  This is a wonderful way to give back to your community and to learn a great deal about yourself and your relationship.  We feel this title year has enhanced our Master/slave relationship a great deal and we hope that the next couple to take the title will be as fortunate as we have been.  We want to take this opportunity to thank the SELF staff and it's producer Catherine Gross for the guidance to prepare us for our next journey, International Master/slave 2008.   Thank y In life and leather, Sir Top and slave bonnie S.E. Master/slave 2008

  Nov. 12, 2007

June 14-17, 2007          BASH on the Bay, FL Although Sir Top and myself were tired from the high energy at SELF from just coming home with the South East Master/slave 2007 title, we were still pumped up to do three days with the Bash on the Bay in Tampa, FL. Doing our Journey workshop was so much fun and we had a full house. This was our 10 minute presentation for SELF expanded into 75 minutes with great classroom interaction. Sir Top was head dungeon master and slave bonnie also volunteered hours to DM as well. It is another great way to meet people and help keep a watchful eye on safety. Any time you volunteer, the internal rewards are wonderful.

June 24, 2007               SPICE, FL SPICE (South Florida People Involved in Consensual Endeavors) is a South Florida community private organization whose mission is to educate. Sir Top and slave bonnie are members of SPICE.  Sir Top is on the bylaws committee and slave bonnie is the director of presenters/education but at this workshop meeting the President acknowledged our new title and allowed us time to explain what this truly means to us, the South East region and bringing a title home to Florida. It was enriching as well as enlightening to see the responses and feel their support.

July 20, 2007          WOLF, FL Sir Top and slave bonnie presented on Dom after care. Yes Sir Top did enjoy being the demo Dom for this workshop most of the time. The demo was well attended and the people enjoyed finding new ways to relieve aches and pains of the dominants. I bet some of the submissives will enjoy them as well.

Aug 11, 2007            LAC, FL We presented on our 24/7 Journey workshop and it was great fun. The participation was fantastic and time ran over. It seems that South Florida is thirsty for the M/s dynamic and many are having a hard time finding couples involved to learn and grow from and with.

Aug 24-25, 2007 Winter Haven, FL We held an all women's gathering at a private dungeon in Central Fl where 30 women spent 2 days sharing and growing within the lifestyle.  There were classes all day Sat.  Between classes we swam in the pool and shared interesting stories.  We all seemed to learn a lot and Sir Top and i got to meet a lot of new women from the west coast of Fl.  The all women’s weekend was a successful fund raiser for the leather archives in Chicago.  We have adopted the remodeling of the women’s washroom at the archives as our platform. We are going to try and do a women's weekend yearly.

Sept 28-30, 2007 Beyond Vanilla, Dallas TX

What a great pleasure it was to attend this event. Vi Johnson had her library there and was available to any and all questions. Sir Top does tie a beautiful corset J  There were some great workshops and loads of fun.  We met some wonderful people.  Sir Top learned how to better handle a whip from Morgan Alexander, a great whip enthusiast and teacher.  I got to do some dom aftercare after that class.  Ooooh the sound of a whip....

Oct 12-14, 2007          DomCon GA Fantastic. What can a couple of lesbians complain about with so many beautiful women dressed in tight fetish?  WOW.. what a great time.  We really enjoyed giving our panel discussion on Master/slave relationships with Sir Richard and his slave sweetone.  Then we moved on to our Sensory Deprivation class and had a great time sharing that with a full room of fun people (with surprises for everyone including this slave undressing in front of all).  Later Fri night we were off to 1763, a wonderful play space across town. (obviously we didn’t know where we were). LOL.  All in all .. a great weekend with great hostesses.

Our journey continues as we are heading to Kinky Kollege in Chicago next week. Who unpacks any more... LOL

June 25, 2007 Column

Hello everyone,

    The very first thing I want to do is say thank you to all the people at SELF who were so supportive and encouraging on our title journey.  We came there knowing very few people and left feeling like we had become part of a family.  This means a lot to us and we are out to make sure that the southeast region is proud of us at the end of our title reign.

    I’d like to start by telling you a little about us. We have been a Master/slave couple for a little over 5 years and as we traveled to Dallas for South Plains LeatherFest in Feb. 2007, we felt that we needed to become a part of the leather community that gives back.  We have benefited a lot from our journey.  I personally suffered from a very debilitating disease from which I have recovered a great deal due to the structure and discipline that the lifestyle offers.  I also have a slave that is selfless and has dedicated the last three years of her life to helping me overcome this by structuring our lives to work around and through the problems this disease created.

   On a less serious note, we had a blast in Atlanta and we brought back to Florida all the positive things that the contest and winning the title offered us.  The very next weekend we were in Tampa, Fl. celebrating Bash with all the Florida locals and also some out town guests.  Catherine Gross did four fantastic workshops to help Bash achieve one of its most energetic years.  We did two well received workshops to begin our service for the titled bestowed upon us.

    After the Bash weekend we returned home finally. Today, June 25th, at Spice, the local south Fl. group, will be honoring us with a celebration starting with a champagne toast, great food and friends and lots of play afterwards. We are going to explaining the responsibilities of the title, sharing our goals and getting the Florida community excited with us in our journey going forward.

   Since winning the title we have started mapping out our travel plans and we are very much looking forward to returning to the Atlanta area soon.  It appears that the Atlanta leather community is a very strong one and I think we can learn a lot from the different organizations there. We hope to bring that spirit along with us to the other parts of the southeast region.  I have heard the Fl. communities are fragmented, but in our journey we have had nothing but support from all types of leather groups.

   We want to thank all of you again and hope that you will continue to follow us in our journey.

Atlanta you made us feel welcome…….we will make you proud!

In life and leather, Sir Top and slave bonnie